Butler puts its police chief on unpaid leave

BUTLER — Village police Chief Bob Ball has been placed on administrative leave without pay.

Ball, the part-time Butler police chief, was placed on paid leave April 30, 2011. Butler officials declined to say why the action was taken.
Mayor Kevin Carr took the most recent action May 15.
Carr said the leave will continue until Richland County Common Pleas Court disposes of pending felony and misdemeanor indictments brought against Ball this month. Carr then will notify Ball in writing of any change in status.

Ball, also the Richland County coroner’s investigator, was indicted May 8 in a special grand jury session. He was charged with five counts of unauthorized use of property, each a fifth-degree felony. He also was charged with three counts of forging identification cards, a misdemeanor.

Lieutenants Rod Fry and Tom Stortz will continue to run the department until further notice. Carr declined to comment further.

Ball voluntarily surrendered to the jail May 9 and was released a few hours later after posting a personal recognizance bond.

Dean Holman, of the Medina County Prosecutor’s Office, is handling the case. He has not returned messages.

Ball was indicted after a year-long investigation, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office reported.

“Bob has been a great employee and has worked very hard for Richland County and we’ll just let this whole thing play out,” said Richland County Coroner Dr. Stewart Ryckman.

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7 Responses to Butler puts its police chief on unpaid leave

  1. Sunni Glady says:

    I’ll definitely be listening. It is frustrating to put inside a lot of function then come across that the affiliate programs change so drastically as has happened with both Amazon and Ebay.

  2. Enjoyed the information you shared, forwarding to others.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    Kim Conn · Top commenter
    its about time,,,,,the tax payers money was stopped.

    Jim Wetzel · Top commenter · Colorado Technical University
    What about Randy Parker? He is still collecting his paycheck an he is on paid administrative leave doing absoultely nothing for RCCS presently yet collecting his hefty paycheck.

    Len Shick · Da Boss at Decab Associates
    Different contract language. He knew how to get paid while the investigation continues….

    Phil Sydnor · Top Commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I’m curious, how does breaking the law or violating a persons rights protected anywhere in any contract?. Just someone who needs to know…

  4. buckeyesyd says:

    Dick MetcalfI always thought that a person was innocent until proven guilty? Guess it depends on how you feel about the situation. Also, the only tax payers money stopped was the people of Butler’s. Let’s see who Joan Thompson goes after next, since she didn’t get to be the police chief or get to run the bar at Clear Fork Ski resort.

    April KenisonI agree with you Dick! Also, it shames me to see “Top commenters” on here not productively commenting, assuming, and writing/posting: its about time….the tax payers money was stopped. either be informed or butt out (before posting on this article or the one before). We don’t know the whole situation and I am sure it will all come out in the end. 1 person “stirs the pot” for an unknown reason, which appears to me to be a false accusation, and everyone is quick to judge. It is not like this is the first time for that person to be in the center of controversy, in her hometown or when she lived in Madison. I stand behind Mr. Ball . Maybe people in Mansfield should focus on their own town, before looking into my Valley. What about the Mansfield police officer that was stealing from charities or the one that was tipping off a drug dealer, for money?!

    Kim Conn · Top commenter
    Not judging anyone reading the paper…..so far a lot of evidence..

  5. buckeyesyd says:

    Suzanne Hooper · Galion
    This is absolutely awful! They don’t understand what they do to these families when they take away pay before anyone is proven guilty! Time will show that Mr. Ball is innocent. And thanks to the fools who took his pay, he’ll collect even more of the tax payers money after the hefty lawsuits Butler and Richland County will have sitting in their hands! The way these things are handled is insane!

  6. buckeyesyd says:

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    I am in agreement that cutting off their pay while getting investigated is a little harsh when they can’t collect unemployment. How ever, if they are rightfully fired and they are continued to be paid while getting investigated… Would the same people who speak out for these people that cutting off their pay is wrong would be the first to say they should pay it back when they are not vindicated?.

    The reason I say this?. If you remember…John Mayer was on paid administrative leave for 3 months prior to getting fired as the States APA Supervisor, and he never paid that money back! – Making $80k/yr, that’s $20k the tax payers just got fleeced with. This is why these tyrants don’t care if they get caught breaking the law or violating others rights, the tax payers pay for it, they don’t!. It’s like criminals themselves, they don’t pay for their crimes when in Prison they cost us $32k/yr to keep them there?. NOT IN MY PRISON!!!!, the SYSTEM is a joke!, all the while it makes those who are involved with it tons of money!.

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