Brian Garber One Year Memorial Protest Central Park 03-16-15

Memorial was from 9:30am to 11:00am and was celebrated by just a few friends. The video can be seen here on youtube

Permission granted by the reluctant Lori Cope who made comment why they waited to get permit to protest until the day of. To bad Deanna wasn’t strapped with a go pro could have been enlightening to see another side. None the less here’s a PDF of the what they call STREET CLOSING/PARADE PERMIT yet use for a protest – says it has to be filed 14 days prior? Here’s the funny part, Lori asked Deanna why she waited when she knew a week ago, because they already knew watching this page. The funny part is they knew it was 14 days and here watching don’t have the courtesy to tell us?

BrianGarber_1YrMemorial  – Link to Permit

I will give them a thumbs up on waiving the $25 permit fee – Thanks!


Take a look, add your perspective to comments.

Brian Garber, you are missed, not problem solved.

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