Boundaries for those who could save your life?

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Lifeguard Fired After Saving a Swimmer

Posted on: 4:18 am, July 5, 2012, by  Fox 8 news!

This is like have State, County, City, Twp fire and police with boundaries – WHO DOES THIS COST THE MOST? – In this case, this man and the Company who fired him.

In the case of public service! – You and I “The Tax Payer” who has to pay for more entitlements and wages for those who are there ( just in case ) we need them because of boundaries the City, County, State, and Twp employees cannot cross.

Maybe this is what needs to be addressed? – Another tough decision?

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One Response to Boundaries for those who could save your life?

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Maybe IF ALL these agencies did work together and were not out to screw each other OUR TAXES wouldn’t keep going up?.

    I think this is the single MOST IMPORTANT issue when they don’t create the environment for job growth!. You cannot continue to be a FAT CAT when you don’t have “the people” to support it. Taxing those who are left more, does NOTHING for the local economy.

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