Bond revocation sought in Skidmore case, say what?

Report by Lou Whitmire follow link below

Bond revocation sought in Skidmore case 

“Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Jill DelGreco said Special Prosecutor Brad Tammaro of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office had no comment on why the hearing was requested.”

I am willing to bet is has something to do with Mike not speaking or filling out a 4 page document the pre-sentence Investigator wanted filled out. Oddly or strangely enough Judge DeWeese our Elected Judge and Commissioner selected Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page in place of the late Elected James Mayer who was said to have committed suiced were both replaced by the Attorney Generals office they say? The odd part is the docket does not declare why, we can only assume a CONflict of interest? With that said, then would it not also be a CONflict of interest if the Richland County probation department ran by Dave Leitenberger being he testified in this case? He is the head of Probation & head of the Security guard that attacked Mr Skidmore who resigned also oddly enough before facing disciplinary charges. Follow the attached link to see 4 page questionnaire Mr Skidmore refused to fill out that actually should have been done by the investigator you would think. Also attached to that link is the disciplinary the security guard did not show up to?

Leave your comments for discussion, it appears the sham legal process continues…

Mike Skidmore with Carlos Miller Phone Interview over today’s event, Pre-Sentencing Investigation?

*** Interesting perspective made in MP group.


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4 Responses to Bond revocation sought in Skidmore case, say what?

  1. Phil says:

    Can we be seeing Judges now getting in on this to railroad defendants?

    Prosecutorial misconduct is a huge issue, read the Ny Times story here…

  2. Phil says:

    Sorry Drew Tyler, comments are for the REAL PEOPLE. Maybe you can go troll another site, like craigslist where you belong!

  3. Phil says:

    I agree with Randy Shepherd, on Courtview is shows in the case against Michael Skidmore the Judge of record is James DeWeese, I wonder what he has to say about this being he is not on the record as not wanting to do his sworn duty?


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