Benton Street man shot three times; By a person with a track record a MILE long whom the Courts and Police know well no less?

Benton Street man shot three times

Mansfield police think previous dispute led to drive-by attack

That’s usually how retribution works fella’s?, surely there’s MORE to this than the eye can see; maybe this would not have happened if the shooter didn’t have a record a mile long as we WILL FIND OUT who has NOTHING TO LOSE except going back to 3 hots and a cot because the JOBS O’dumbass promised are not happening? Surely this is only speculation right now, but usually is proven pretty accurate! We will update once the shooter is caught, which once again will take a Citizen to do it!

Jul. 18, 2013   |
Benton Street Drive By Shooting
Benton Street Drive By Shooting: Benton Street Drive By Shooting

Written by
Mark Caudill
News Journal
Paul Crawford, 38, was shot three times outside his residence in a drive by shooting at 187 North Benton.
Police look for evidence after a shooting on North Benton Street. / Mark Caudill/News Journal
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MANSFIELD — A 38-year-old man who was shot three times outside his home Wednesday was flown to a Columbus hospital.

Paul Crawford, of 187 N. Benton St., was being prepped for transport to Grant Medical Center, Mansfield police Lt. Bret Snavely said, adding it was too soon to tell if his injuries were life-threatening.

Grant could not provide a condition report Wednesday night.

“How are you doing, sir?” a city firefighter asked Crawford as he was being loaded into a squad.

“I’m sucking,” he replied.

Crawford’s wife asked police Sgt. Chad Brubaker if she could follow the squad to MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital. Brubaker told her she could, but reminded her to take her time and not run any red lights.

The drive-by shooting happened at 5:17 p.m.

“It appeared to be some kind of dispute that led up to a second confrontation of the people,” police Capt. Ken Coontz said. “The suspect ended up shooting the victim three times after firing multiple rounds.”

Snavely said the shooter reportedly drove down Benton Street about an before the shooting at a high speed and reportedly almost hit Crawford’s 9-year-old daughter.

An argument then ensued between the shooter and Crawford, he said.

“Within an hour, the shooter reportedly returned with a gun and shot him,” Snavely said, noting that police have not recovered the gun.

A father and son did not see the shooting, but called 9-1-1.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow,” the father said. “I heard four (gunshots).”

His son said the family had lived near Johns Park, across from the basketball court.

“I thought we moved away from all this,” he said.

Snavely headed to the hospital to check on Crawford and said police planned to follow up several leads. Witnesses said the suspect was driving a red car.

“Past that, we’re getting varying descriptions,” Snavely said.

Reporter Jami Kinton contributed to this story.
Twitter: @MNJCaudill

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I love these comments, and there are those in my group who think I’m the ONLY ONE who thinks this way (smile). Everyone knows, those who deny knowledge have short term memory loss!

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