Bad business in Mansfield, anyone surprised? This must be the kind of business the Mayor wants in this town!

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 Al Capone has taken over Mansfield, this is not an isolated event. Business owners quite frankly will blame their environment why they are brandishing weapons on patrons. That place on Lex Ave. pulled a gun, cops made NO REPORT, here they know a gun was pulled on a Vet, yet do nothing? My guess is…if you are said to have a gun, they will shoot you, and when they know you have one for sure, they will leave you alone. What’s that tell the thugs in Mansfield? 

Figured I would give everyone here a heads up with a bad business owner. So Im in Mansfield Ohio and I had my mustang being built by Mick Graf owner of Mid Ohio Mustang. Dude is the biggest crook in Mansfield. So here’s the story…and I’m not a bitter customer. I would have considered myself a customer and buddy. So I get out of the Army back in September and get hooked up with Mick…let him know i want a car built. In December I purchased a fox body roller from him..along with a shit load of other parts. Mick lets me know if i buy parts from him THERE WON’T BE ANY KIND OF STORAGE FEE..(who the fuck charges storage while building a car anyway) So I Tell him i want a road course style cage in it..something EXOTIC. And we agree to a price. For like a month progress on the cage is being made..hell at that time he was excited. Well after getting most of the back of the cage welded in all progress stops. I figured he must be busy so i kept my mouth shut. Well all progress stopped in January. Time goes by and I stop in his shop several times and see no progress…I don’t worry about it much until i i go in one day and see my car pushed further back in his shop and other cars pushed nearly blocking my car. so i leave and bite my tongue, don’t want to loose my cool. So few days later i text him asking him what the hold up is on my car…no response, call him…no response. Ok cool so now this dude is pissing me off and avoiding me. So about two months ago we finally have a conversation and this dude says he thinks he’s being taken advantage of…really?? How the fuck is that? I paid for services to be done in a certain time frame and the work isn’t done yet. Mick tells me he feels that he should be paid more….REALLY WTF?? He feels he’s being taken advantage of..he says well i thought i was just doing a basic twelve point cage…Wrong wrong wrong…He knew what he was welding in and knew exactly what i wanted and the cars ultimate purpose. So he says I’m not doing anymore work til i get more cash…well ok yeah i agreed to it. Now this conversation actually happened earlier in April…so he was like well i need half before i can go any further…i said ok no big deal i will pay you half in two weeks…And as i am a MAN OF MY WORD i gave him cash…Oh i also need to mention he said he wanted half before the 1st of May otherwise beginning May 1st he would start charging me a bogus storage fee. Anyway well i gave him half two weeks ago and stopped in his shop to figure out pricing on installing a rear end and front five lug rotors. This dude pulls out a bogus storage agreement form and says sign it and pay me 60 bucks a month. Obviously I’m not going to pay this dude a storage fee when he should have been working on my car…so basically he’s being a fucking lazy ass and not working on my car so it sits and sits and wants to charge me a storage fee. That’s not how real automotive shops work….You pay when the car is done. So this dude has been collecting money from me and not doing the work. Well so we get into a heated debate and this dude tells me well either pay or my car will be outside..i was like nah you’re going to finish the work or return a portion of my cash…he says get the fuck out of his shop or he will call the police…Ok no problem so i was like call them. He yells again get out and picks up a gun…cocks it and points it at me. Wow not sure if he thought i would go running but i stood there with my hands in my pocket. Well he calls the police they show up and well not sure what they told him…i do know they asked me if i wanted to press charges and i said no, after pulling his little pea shooter on me, id much rather just get my car and parts. Don’t know the polic officers discussion with him..but i do know the Mansfield Law Director will be handling it now. So this is my heads up…Do NOT do bussiness with Mick Graf at Mid Ohio Mustang in Mansfield, Ohio. He will gouge you for more money and not stick to an agreed upon price, any work he does do will take way way longer than it should…he will avoid you and try to charge you bogus storage fees when he’s not making any progress on your car. And he will take your money upfront and not do the work that was agreed upon. And when you question him about it he will call the police on you and PULL A GUN ON YOU. Never was the gun necessary, he was not in danger he just tried pulling a gun on me so i would agree to leave and when i stood there with my hands in my pocket he choose to instead call the police rather than taking accountability for work not being done. What pussy pulls a gun on a customer…a fucking loyal customer. Mick Graf owener Of Mid Ohio Mustang does. DON’T TO BUSINESS WITH THIS SHADY ASS MOTHER FUCKER. There’s everyones heads up.

Police report

100 block of Boughton Avenue — A 38-year-old body shop owner reportedly picked up a gun and loaded a live round into the chamber during an argument with a customer over the price of work. The man did not point the weapon at the customer and no charges were filed, according to a Mansfield Police report.

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