Attorney General Mike DeWine “tells it like it is” – Says the system failed everyone in the Cleveland police shooting.

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RICHFIELD, Ohio — The Ohio Attorney General’s office, after a two-month investigation, concluded that a systematic failure in the Cleveland police department helped lead to the fatal shooting of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams after a 25-minute pursuit.

The investigation revealed for the first time the confusion and chaos that ended in a “full blown-out firefight” in an East Cleveland parking lot.  Nearly 140 bullets were fired in less than 30 seconds by more than a dozen Cleveland police officers.

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Let the Lawsuits begin!, those who opened fired on these defenseless victims and murdered them in cold blood need to be held accountable now that our fair AG found this a failure in justice. How ever, you will have to hold your breath because this will be up to Clevelands County Prosecutor, and we have seen of late how these embedded frauds have been Prosecuting over the years of late. Many of these Prosecutors, even here don’t have a clue in how to do their jobs and usually protect thugs like this when they “deal” with Attorney’s to fleece justice. Remember the County Prosecutor in Alabama who let s gun toting thug out on bond before his trial, that turned out to be a travesty with a dead bus driver and a kidnapped child held hostage for a week. Remember the Muni Bomber here?, this was a known violent thug who had a rap sheet a mile long who was left free to roam our streets who eventually snapped when he knew he was going back to prison again, we were lucky we only had to pay for repairs to our courthouse, and not with a life. Remember the case of the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR here who’s brother and many friends in law enforcement that kept him from being prosecuted for stalking his ex-wife that ended up in charges on a sex offender she turned to when NOBODY would listen to her?. We all seen how that ended up, professional courtesy and immunity for all!.

Is this what we call JUSTICE today?, and you wonder why we have crime all around us and our kids are no longer safe to play outside. You can BLAME the Prosecutor, and you can blame the fact NOBODY runs against him. What we need is justice, NOT thugs who are protected by their friends in the system, as we see here once again…The “system” is failing!, and VERY DANGEROUS to us all.

Arm yourselves with video surveillance and guns, and we wonder WHY they want our guns?. Now I have a punk on craigslist who’s trying to justify all these wrong doings by trying to discredit my views with their deception and lies. Wouldn’t you want to know who this hide behind the keyboard person is? – I’m willing to bet you would be surprised!

In my mind this person is a sociopath, after all they did proclaim they were a successful business leader who didm’t have the time for this, and everyday they are posting something against the truth while they hide behind who they are. Hmmm, is all I can say – my only Obsession is with injustice and corruption – PERIOD!.

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