As the Election looms, lets keep in mind the lies perpetrated July 9th 2015

Lets all keep in mind a few things when we go to the polls to either keep hand picked officials and those we made the mistake to elect in the first place. THEY say they listen, but do they? Do they tell the truth or do they lie, YES it is public opinion and those they serve that matter!

First lets start with what drove me to petition for Commissioner in the first place, integrity and listening to the people. Forget about the budget and buddy system that awards our funds to their friends and family, you know those who collude and keep much of this ongoing “corruption” as some call it alive, I will reference (plug) Rotten to the Core – does it still exist, who knows? How ever we MUST hold those who work for us accountable for what has happened over the years, and especially that of 2015 that I hope many of the short term memories don’t forget?

Lets start with the Sheriff, I will only elaborate on 2 things I believe are important as of 2015 – Brian Garber senselessly KILLED, and a family’s dog on a mistaken residence stemming from an unsubstantiated 911 call. There are a couple other instances where others with less integrity and I agree with Sheriff hopeful Jerry Botdorf who should have been FIRED and left to fight to get their jobs back for being less than truthful. Then allowed to retire????

Then there is the July 9th incident which many issues can be found, oddly enough some how they have elected to push the trial of Mike Skidmore to June 2016, nearly a year from the time of the incident. To me, a citizen leaves much to speculate and chance being many involved are and can be re-elected in this years primary and general elections so I am certain this case will not end in June and will more than likely get pushed well past November voting deadline, we shall see? Just a hunch being that’s what the History here would indicate.

Lets look at the lies shall we that were perpetrated and who ultimately is accountable for it.

The lie I want to FOCUS on is the July 9th meeting that involved Mike Skidmore who wasted no time fighting for what I call EVIDENCE of recorded lies they tried to take from him. Oddly and amazingly enough a recording of this incident did make its way out to the public through great work by Photgraphy’s not a crime. Lets review shall we?

PDF of the Prosecutors report that comes from page 9 of what they call a GO Report that goes out to the media. They wasted no time trying to perpetrate such a lie – read the downloadable PDF here or view the attached photo of the same document below.

Mike Skidmore told to leave_Prosecutor from GO report

Now lets look at what started this fiasco which drew private meetings on July 10th 2015 & July 13th 2015 with all branches of Government to discuss without any public representation?

The E-MAIL Agenda sent out to those to advise upcoming meetings and details, notice no where on this original agenda does it depict an executive session?

Downloadable PDF for your records, below a photo of it

Email Agenda July 2015

Watch the Video, when Stacy Crall sticks her head out before the July 9th meeting this is the ONLY TIME we were told to leave. This is WHEN we found out the agenda had changed. See the copy they shared with us here. Once again below is a picture of their agenda change?

Email Agenda July 2015_changed

Was there deception or just avoiding to speak with the public they so say they serve? You decide people, it’s time we start holding them accountable for the things they so say they defend, our rights as citizens to speak. Below is the 47 minute uncut video, watch their demeanor. Before you vote does this look like how they should act with those they serve, or is it the public they serve? Careful of the wolves people, there’s a REASON they are spending BIG BUCKS on their campaigns.

47 minute video of the incident on youtube!

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