Are the Commissioners being fiscally responsible when law says no?

or is it the Commissioners hand picking of Bambi Couch Page a bad choice being the Sheriff has to hire private counsel? Who do you think pays for this people, and who do you think APPROVES this? That’s right, the COMMISSIONERS be it a quorum or all 3. Is this what Richland County deserves? This and questions where funds are used to hire friends who have been fired from other positions of trust are becoming the norm in this County? Bob Ball was untrustworthy as a Butler Chief of police, but remains as a Investigator for the Coroner? The only one who can arrest the Sheriff has a man we can’t trust who could investigate the Sheriff, there’s some integrity, but what do I know, I am just a citizen who helps fund this crap! Next we have a FIRED State APA Supervisor John Mayer who broke all the rules recently picked up and working in the County under numerous agencies now made Secret Service Private eye for the same Prosecutor who can’t prosecute or defend our Sheriff?

I believe its scary we have this much collusion by many with less than stellar integrity. How can these people be vetted across the board by so many? Is this why the board of elections try so hard to impede those who are trying to crack the code from getting in office? Its been 40yrs since rotten to the core, has anything really changed when so many feel so unsafe? To the point people are reluctant to sign a petition in fear of becoming a target?

I found this share on another page and found it compelling that someone other than the Mansfielders Perspective Group are finding this odd?

Its time the voters get informed on how bad this is for our safety when people turn a blind eye to this it actually means we turn a blind eye to many other crimes that lead people to the comfort of what they call an epidemic, Heroin. I believe we fix the collusion and support of bad behavior in positions of trust and the heroin epidemic will take care of itself.

Give me Phil Sydnor your signatures and I will question these blank line items being approved in tough times, or not and forever hold your peace. This may be the only time I stick my neck out, so if you want an Independent choice on the ballot to question politics as usual give me a chance to pull off what their spokesman Drew Tyler declares as impossible to do. LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK, not a board of elections that are not truthful in directing wanna be petitioners.

Its TIME the people do their OWN homework like I have, then decide on who you think will be the best candidate. Not so sure the Republican Party throwing what Morgenstern said was $28,000 towards the Darrell Banks campaign the answer, puppet maybe?

Many of you know I filed a public records request, through a local attorney, upon the Richland County Sheriff’s Office for some very specific records. I publicly made mention of this to Sheriff Sheldon at our first debate. In fact, at the time of the TEA Party debate, the request was nearly 3 months old without a single record having been received.

Attached you will find all of the correspondence between my attorney and the firm often used by Sheriff Sheldon at your, the taxpayers, expense.

So, almost 4 months later, the only records I am apparently entitled to are the compensatory time balances for the Sheriff’s fiduciary (salaried) employees and a link to the Richland County Auditor’s Office for copies of financial audit records.

In my 30 years in law enforcement, I have never seen an agency go to such lengths to deny a request for public records. These are “public records,” and therefore they belong to the people. Read over the list of records I requested, and you be the judge. Do these requests appear to be “overly broad” or “ambiguous?” Even if they were, then shouldn’t they be filled in their broadest interpretation?

Item #2 in the final letter concerns me quite a bit, as it should you. I asked for overtime earned “slips,” as they are commonly referred to in law enforcement circles, compensatory time earned slips and compensatory time used slips for the fiduciary staff. These are the documents which are supposed to justify the reasons why overtime is earned. Are we not permitted to know the reason we, the taxpayers, are paying all this money to our public servants? Remember: As I informed everyone at the TEA Party forum, approximately 183K in overtime has been paid to the fiduciary staff since 2012, yet I’m not permitted to know why because the request is “overly broad” and “ambiguous.”

I will leave the speculation to you as to why these records are not being furnished, and why the Sheriff’s Office has gone to such lengths to keep these records from me.

Two things to keep in mind when you look over these documents: First, the Sheriff’s Office is utilizing a law firm from Columbus, a firm that is often used by the Sheriff, being paid for at the taxpayer’s expense to deny a public records request. The Sheriff, if there were some question as to the legality of releasing the requested records, should have utilized the Prosecutor’s Office to advise him in this matter. They are public servants already on the taxpayer payroll. Secondly, take notice of the compensatory time balances that will be paid to these fiduciary employees upon their leaving the Sheriff’s Office if such balances still exist at the same number of hours. At just $25 per hour, this will cost the taxpayers over 36K dollars.










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