Are Commissioners Minutes of Meetings safely kept?, I don’t think so!

Just in case we want to update, change, or modify this unsigned document for October 16th’s meeting I have given the public what was posted on the 23rd for reference!

October 16th meeting minutes, unsigned yet accurate? If anything changes surely Stacy Crall the clerk who keeps them will safely keep them, right?

I actually prefer meeting minutes to be recorded via video for accuracy, you know there’s a TRUST issue with what we safely keep here as official record. Nothing signed, Nothing filed and safely kept by our Clerk of Courts? Yes, the Sheriff safely keeps his own records too!, but who are we citizens who question this procedure? Surely we can find a LAW or a Document that depicts how records are retained? I know for a fact this is not the retention policy our Government wants private businesses to keep, so why can’t they do the same?

You Tube video of the MP’s perspective, you know…those people who are going to start showing up to these meetings to advocate for the people on the record. After all there cronies who speak only anonymously on craigslist, in our group with fake accounts like this one, and now on our record say we should run for office if we want to change it! Hmmm I say???? Isn’t it time YOU start going to these meetings to question politics, it’s amazing what you will find on and off the record if you just ask, just make sure you’re the one keeping the record safe (smile). – Have a nice day! – If I’m a nut job, put it in writing, sign it, and safely keep the record, then you can pay me as well to shut up like you have so many others before me? NOT!, I will continue to work regardless of my strife – it’s the last freedom we have left! – TELLING IT LIKE IT IS?????

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