Anyone know what’s up with these F.E.M.A. Camps?

Find a FEMA camp near you.

I recently joined Bill O’Reilly on facebook and found this link (ABOVE). It appears there are camps being readied as some are calling concentration camps? Reading comments like this has me wondering if we really need to be this paranoid, what do Ohions think?

Where’s the closest FETA  Concentration Camp near you?

Find the FEMA Camp Nearest You

Examiner | The evidence that we the people, are at risk of being placed under martial law, and losing all of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution is overwhelming.

  • Josy Nevada People need to take this serious….
  • Paul J Louis Jr I’m getting prepared now. When it starts I’m outta here, off the grid.
  • Josy Nevada Paul how?
  • Josy Nevada Where can we hide?
  • Paul J Louis Jr Pack several packets of vegetable seeds. Get a hand held Ham Radio, about $40.00, ditch the cell phones. Duct tape, matches & a good pair of rugged boots & shoes. Only use cash. Drive an older vehicle that doesn’t have a computer in it, pre ’75 should be safe. Start canning food NOW!! Have a gun or rifle with plenty of ammo. Travel lightly, Sleeping bag, a few changes of clothes, a warm coat, leather gloves, & a warm hat. You won’t need a lot cause you’ll be going underground.
  • Paul J Louis Jr I hope it never happens, but I’m a bible believer, and all the signs are there.
  • Paul J Louis Jr If my time in the military taught me anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.
  • Phil Brooks The closest FEMA camp that I know about is in florida. But the Fema trains don’t care how far away they are. Brain is getting tired and will give more interesting  details in the morning.
  • Paul J Louis Jr Yeah, I need to give it a rest also. Work in the A.M.
  • Matt Boyer I live next to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma ans this information isnt true. Also, the federal transfer center at Will Rogers World Airport is nothing special, even though a plane can taxi up to it.
    I am in the military and can assure you no unit will turn on its own people, especially under THIS administration. While I don’t trust our govt., I have to take this with a grain of salt.
  • Paul J Louis Jr Matt for all our sakes I pray it’s not true. I’m also taking it with a grain of salt. Regardless, I have my backpack pack and I’m ready to disappear on a moments notice.
  • Matt Boyer Good plan Paul! I like your tips for vanishing. I never fully trust our government. I do have full faith in our brave soldiers to do the right thing.
  • Phil Brooks It’s not the military that I’m concerned with. It’s oBammmma’s private army, home land security, irs, nsc, cia, fbi, the weather bureau,etc. You know, the people he bought all the ammo for and the 2717 vehicles that he had retrofitted. That’s why I don’t take it with a grain of salt. And the Russian troops that FEMA has invited to help them, something like 15,000. Getting really sleepy now.

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