Anti Fracking – What the hell?

Anti-fracking group coming to Mansfield

COLUMBUS — Mansfield will be among nine cities that Don’t Frack Ohio organizers will visit to bring increased attention to the damage they say fracking is causing in the state and to build momentum for a large action against fracking set for June 17.

Don’t Frack Ohio Spring Roadshow, and local groups will present an educational event from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at The Armory, 170 Ashland Road, Mansfield.

Don’t Frack Ohio is calling for a ban on fracking in the state. For details, call Danny Berchenko at 513-417-2562 or email

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  2. Monty Gamela says:

    Of course we do I knew you’d create a good-looking web site with tons of information. We’ll keep exchanging notes.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    What they are saying…here –

    Once again, my comment is not allowed – lol!
    Here it is;
    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    It’s AMAZING we have so many anti jobs people out there in Madison Country!, and they wonder why they’re all broke over there and on the un-auditable list by the State?. Isn’t this area the one who gives Richaland County all the black eyes with it’s corrupt, oppressive, and above the law public workers?. Yes, I’m betting the only whores who show up to this event are the same oppressors who are bankrupting the entire County!.

    I think people better keep an open mind to what fracking REALLY is and what it means to this Country’s future!. MANY people don’t realize the technology that stems from this energy that will allow us to get away from using Nuclear Power, how is this bad?. Let us not forget the same Law Director leading the charge depicting this will cause unsafe water is not getting asked why he’s not concerned with fluoride that already pollutes your water. Hence, water is already unsafe!. Maybe we can regulate like other communities to make this safe?, so why are we not talking about this?. Is it better to continue to raise taxes in the County while more and more jobs leave creating more of a need for crime?. WTH People! – Start asking quality questions and quit jumping on their bandwagons!

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