Answers to some who are questioning how long Deputies can get away with murder? Easy, like how they will be tied to what they are doing that will add up in trial, that’s how long!

How long can deputies be allowed to get away with murder?


Meri Etzwiler ·  Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio I’m sorry about what happened to this young man. I feel for his parents, his wife, and his children. However, I was following the story as it unfolded that night, and I don’t understand why the three people closest to him (mom, dad, and wife) all told police he had a gun and was making death threats. What did they think would happen? I’m typically the first to speak out against police brutality, but to say that law enforcement is 100% to blame in this case seems pretty unreasonable. I know what it’s like to lose the most important person in the world to me. I know what it’s like to look for somewhere to place my anger. And finally, after several years, I know what it’s like to find peace. I hope all involved can do the same. – FYI – Meri Etzwiler – That’s not exactly what the mom & dad said, that was his wife who by the way wanted a divorce and was getting what she wanted. I know the mother and father PERSONALLY and they did not see a gun, nor say he had one – what DID they say? They said he could have a gun, it was the wife who screamed he had a gun. A far cry from rumors you are hearing. The truth resides here, and if you ask me with the wife saying she’s soon to be a Millionaire is motive for murder for hire, I hope the BCI is checking into this?

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Cathy Kiley ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio Okay, I just have one question. What possible reason would the officers have to “murder” this young man? I understand that there is unimaginable pain here, and it is entirely possible that protocol was not followed, and it is entirely possible that everything happened so fast that the situation took on a life of it’s own. We don’t know yet because the investigation is not over. Let’s not try this in the court of public opinion. One could be one Deputy’s daughter is friends with her, while the Deputy who shot and killed this man was said to have said he was ending this once and for all. I believe if you look into the drugs surrounding this man and his wife, and I’m not talking about the ones that were prescribed to him you will find good reason to believe this as murder for hire knowing there’s a HUGE return on the investment, happens a lot around here! People get paid, people go away quietly – Money is a HUGE motivator in cases like this!

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April Bragg ·  Top Commenter · Works at Two Bird Lovers When you deal with the lose of a loved one, it is easy to shift the blame.. Sympathy goes out to the family. However only hearing one side of the story, from his mother, and the things that are being said it ties the hands of law enforcement to tell their side of it. An out side source is doing the investigation, no reason to think it is a cover up. I have never had an interaction with any law enforcement officer in Mansfield or Richland County that would leave me to think they are big bad and mean.I did get a ticket once, only because I made the choice to make a left hand turn between the wrong hours. Not the cops fault it was mine! If we all took responsibility for our actions, would this even be a subject to discuss? Fact is when one makes the choice to play by his rules and NOT obey the laws he opens him self up to having a lot of interactions with law enforcement. I wish the mother would put on the News Journal his arrest record. How many times he has had the police to his home over his actions! What is that old phrase? ” You live by the sword you die by the sword”. Why was it ok for a man to put the life of others at risk but wrong for others to defend them self? Who gave a man with a criminal record AND a history of violent behavior a gun? Some of the responsibility of this tragic loss of life needs to be put on everyone who was involved that night not just the police. Come on now, let’s remember these Deputy’s specialized training for a moment shall we? 1st, they went up the stairs unannounced not knowing what they might find and with guns a blazing not saying a word 14 unnecessary bullets were sunk into an unarmed man. Lets be reasonable, your case is nothing compared to this, no relevance what so ever – REJECTED!

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Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College How many times does this horrible situation have to be “rehashed” in the media??? Everybody involved in this is Permanently damaged in one way or another! Parents lost a child, child lost a father deputies, medical staff had to be involved, etc., but all arguments aside, I know there is corruption everywhere, but..when we are in denial of the “FACTS”, that makes all this even more complicated! Writing an editorial calling employees monsters is the way you feel, and maybe there are people with bad behavior within the department that are or could be portrayed as monsters. However, Brian Garber could be or could have been looked upon the same way by others. Brian was a convicted felon, he had committed physical acts of violence toward his family, he had made threats to his family, and he had shown his family what they thought and reported to be a gun, in addition, he had been on and off his prescribed “medication”. Brian also fled the house after the initial “emergency” call by the family, I was not there, I am not clearing anyone of any wrongdoing, or defending anyone, in fact I have had this same talk with my own mother about one of my family members and his behavior! So in conclusion, if there was any wrongdoing by anyone, I hope it is addressed correctly, however, Brian Garber had choices that evening, and he made poor choices, and if anyone else made poor choices, hopefully it will be dealt with properly. Remember, poor choices can result in death, no matter who you blame! I was always told “people in glass houses should not throw stones”, the older I get the more it makes sense! – Come on Mr Shavers, don’t you think ONE Deputy firing his entire clip unannounced questionable based on training. The parents in this case NEVER THOUGHT FOR ONE MINUTE they would do this, or they would not have been allowed in their home. I hope they sue this County into the ground and take the citizens with your mindsets with them, time to START OVER here with new heads top to bottom!

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Diane Day · Madison comprehensive high school Everyone that says they was wrong next time you need help someone hurts you or does any thing unlawful don’t call them if you think so bad – I have NO NEED for them, I have my own guns in which I can be the same Judge, Jury, and Executioner – right? – This young man was MURDERED, NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS. This Deputy or Deputy’s are fruitloops to think he meant them harm based on what they knew at the time – PERIOD!

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Michael Wright · Madison High School Glad to see not everyone is making crazy accusations, but lets just review what we do know about this incident:1. There was some type of domestic incident that took place. 2. Brian Garber left prior to the arrival of the deputies.(he had to know they were coming) 3. He threatened to kill his wife when he got out of jail. 4. He said he had a gun. (NONE of these facts are in dispute). 5. He returned to his parents house and went upstairs. At this point a 2nd call was made bringing the deputies back to the residence. In addition his mother originally stated he was taking medication that was affecting his behavior. All of these factors would put any law enforcement officer on alert. Domestic Violence calls are some of the most dangerous calls the police respond to. As far as them not saying anything to Brian before the shooting happened we only have the mothers word for that at this time. Even if nothing was said, sometimes things happen so fast that’s just the way it is. As far as the number of times he was shot, it takes approx. 1/4 of a second to press the trigger and fire a shot. That’s 4 shots per second. Given the prevalent training is to shoot until the threat stops it is not unusual for an officer to fire 4-5 shots. Given the fact there were 3 deputies present 14-16 shots would not be that unusual. And REMEMBER, if Brian had surrendered peacefully none of this would have happened. As far as Brian not having a weapon, he had to have made some type of suspicious movement to cause the deputies to shoot. I’m not saying police officers don’t make mistakes, they do, however in this case there is no definitive proof that that is the case. My sympathy goes out to the Garber family, but denial is clouding their judgment. If the investigation proves otherwise then hopefully the family will get their justice, but I’m not expecting any charges to come out of this tragedy. (And not because of a corrupt system) Funny you try to sound like you know how many FIRED when the freaking BCI after over 3 months has not made the public aware, nice try bud! There was one murderer named Donald Zehner who is the ONLY ONE publicly who has said they shot the guy, and was quite proud of it. Let’s see how much public opinion the BCI wants to answer, as far as I’m concerned there needs to be another outside agency investigation this! The BCI is not an independent agency of this corrupt department. Were you there?, did you talk to these Deputy’s? – NO, my friends said they were rude and persistent in what they wanted them to do. IF they get away with this one, I can guarantee the next won’t be so easy! Citizens are gearing up for what’s to come as one Deputy said we are under a Police State, we say…Oh yah?????

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Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter She left out the part where either her daughter or she reported he had a gun. From initial reports, the dad verified he saw his son with a gun – The dad did not say this, please share your reference and we will use it for the upcoming trial. Now, if he was just sitting in his room, why the 911 call? If he had no gun, how about bringing him down to the door to talk? It’s a tough situation for the officers involved. Is it a gun in his hand? In the back of their mind, it was reported he had one. So, anything remotely looking like a gun in his hand is a gun in a split second decision making moment. Any hesitation on their part means a fellow officer, or the officer himself could be shot. As a person, I would want to go home safe and sound to my family. And I am sure as hell they didn’t just ‘shoot’ without speaking to him. There is not a person in their right mind who would want to shoot anyone, or even kill them. Just my two cents. Man, you must take in a lot of BS while drinking the koolaid my friend, where do you get this stuff. If I remember right, you’re the one who said the wife wanted a divorce and this was her problem solved. Is she saying she’s gonna pay all her false witnesses here tonight? You JOKERS are all quite laughable, see you at the trial. YES, there WILL BE A TRIAL when momma is proven unfit for it. Now who’s ROTFLMAO?

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Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc they called 911 because they were worried about him, and none of the officers said a word to him, they walked up the stairs and started firing. regardless of what they believe the situation to be, they should have done some kind of talking/negotiation before charging in. how many thousands of hostage situations/standoffs have there been where it was verified that the suspect had a weapon, and in how many of them do the police just bust down the door instead of clearing the building and attempting to talk to the person? it just doesnt happen like that, yet for some reason that is how this went for brian, why is that? quit defending the police and let them defend themselves. as the people who pay their salaries, it is our responsibility to question everything they do and expect answers to those questions. answers they continue to refuse to give. – Amen!, lets see what the jury says about this – NO DEALS IN THIS UPCOMING CASE! – GUARANTEED!!!!

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Chauncey Bragg Sr. · Mansfield Senior High School Jameson Rhoad First off what type of criminal record did the said person have? Second who reported he had a weapon? Who told the police where to locate the said person? Who told the responding officers the situation was “cleared” with no weapons before the officers went to the room? 9 1 1 is for EMERGENCIES not a phone call for concern of someone unless the said person is a danger to him self or others! If memory severs correctly he had domestic violence record. Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t have to happen the way it did. BUT in the same note, I can under stand why the officers would have felt he was a threat to others. Would you want to walk in to a dark room with a man who is angry with a gun? Most people wouldn’t. Who ever told the police he had a gun, is the person who put his life at risk unless someone advised the officers he was not in possession of the gun! If you ONLY KNEW 2 of these Deputy’s HISTORY, you would not be saying this! One was going to be fired for a DUI and was kept and given a new rank of Sargent, the other had his dog taken away when they found he was nuts! How convenient that they have him a NEW dog and a playful picture to make things look all better – lol! smoke and mirrors – THERE WILL BE A TRIAL! Then we shall find the truth, unless Robinson and Mayer want to play hardball, then we might see a house sweeping of ELECTED HEADS!!!!!

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Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter Jameson Rhoad I imagine BCI is looking into that. I will be on the officers side until they give me reason to doubt them. I can understand the family being upset. It happens on most domestic violence situations. Guy beats wife…wife calls police…police put guy under arrest…wife hits on the police….’Why he didn’t really do anything???’ It’s a mess in those situations. Nobody ‘wins’. But, like I say. Normal people don’t go around looking to shoot and kill someone.

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Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc Chauncey Bragg Sr. “Who told the responding officers the situation was “cleared” with no weapons before the officers went to the room? 9 1 1 is for EMERGENCIES not a phone call for concern of someone unless the said person is a danger to him self or others! If memory severs correctly he had domestic violence record.” noone told them this, exactly why they should have approached with some kind of care and perhaps even attempted to behave like the “trained professionals” they supposedly are. they called 911 because they were concerned that he may have had a gun and intended to hurt himself, sounds like correct use of 911. I am pretty sure they didnt call animal control to put down a rabid animal, they called the police to get him help. and besides i think youre missing the point here. if they did nothing wrong, why are they still withholding the investigations results? Once again, you are correct sir – how ever…MURDER FOR HIRE don’t play that way! This was a way to silence the truth of much going on in this County surrounding 2 of these Deputies and drugs – PERIOD! Maybe investigators will find the wife was a drug user with one of the Deputy’s daughters, then what? How about the other Deputy who is said has a girlfriend who was best friends with the girl who was getting indicted for dumping a body on Hull Rd. Put these things together and you have a ring of NO GOOD going on in this County as of late! Check me on this, surely investigators and the host of Attorney’s working on this already are!

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Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc Again question me and anyone else all you want, you are still the fool for taking the word of and defending the most corrupt officers in one of the most well known corrupt law enforcement systems in the country. – Just like John Mayer, their day of reckoning is upon them! – THEY ARE SO BUSTED when the puzzle is put together!

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Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter Jameson Rhoad Why would they release anything until the conclusion of the investigation? So you can get half a story and say ‘they are holding back’? And the family does bear some responsibility, if they did not inform the officers there was no weapon at this point. I know you want information quickly (that’s the way people want things in this day and age), but this takes time.; If they are wrong…it will come out. They will have the WHOLE story soon, as soon as more people are brought in from the streets who are currently running scared knowing this could and may be the largest bust ever!

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Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter Jameson Rhoad You really want corrupt? Try Mexico. Try Russia. Try Thailand. Try….well…you get my point. I have not run into anything remotely close to corrupt in America to the point those countries are. What is this kid smoking?

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Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc Philip Williams we arent in mexico, russia or thailand…… so yea, point is moot. and bci (who are all either former richland sheriff or their best buds) have nothing to investigate. what could possibly be left? an autopsy? no, they already know they shot him 14 times. search the scene for evidence? oh wait it happened months ago so thats done already. Interview witnesses? what witnesses? the deputies have already been returned to patrolling the streets even though they have not been officially cleared. how does that make you feel, to have multiple people walking around with guns and badges who could be charged with murder at any moment????

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Cathy Kiley ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio Jameson Rhoad Were you there? – Jameson may not have been there, but the parents were. There are people who know far more than what you’ll ever read here. Wait for the trial, this is one where there will be no deals, rest assured!

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Arita Hootman Sounds to me, you just don’t want to believe there is dirty cops in Richland county, there is no reason to put fourteen bullets in this man, and that not even counting all the other bullets they put in the wall and stuff, people you just need to face the fact there is dirty cops, not just here but everywhere

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Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter Arita Hootman Oh…they are there. Just not in the numbers people spout off. Not every cop is a dirty cop – Nobody is saying that, how ever 2 of them in this case surely have over stepped their bounds more than once, maybe IF the Sheriff disclosed their real records, or shall I say the corrupt clerk of courts who’s suppose to keep these records safe? I get so confused with all that’s wrong about this County! But, you are telling me every cop is dirty. I’m 48. No run ins with the police. People running around about the cops being dirty, probably have had a few too many interactions with them to begin with. I’ve been stopped for speeding, running a red light. But also have been helped while broken down on the side of the road. These are not super people, that can make a call that will please everyone. They do the best they can with what they are given. Not all police calls are rosy, happy filled stories. Most of the time, when they are called, they are dealing with anger, violence, tragedy, horrific injury, and death. Yes…they are trained for it. But, they are human, and it takes it’s toll. YOU try doing that. Day in and day out. I was never a policeman, but I am retired military, and I KNOW what being questioned about every move you make feels like. Being questioned is a good thing. But crucifying them before the facts are known is just idiocy. Let the investigation finish for the complete story.

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Arita Hootman I didn’t say every cop is a dirty cop – I didn’t hear that either, but we know they exist – they are on the WALL OF SHAME, some of which are still working in this County – One being a FIRED BUTLER CHIEF OF POLICE who mysteriously wasn’t called upon like the law requires. Why was the BCI called first?, hmmmm! Want to see that dirty cops exist? –

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Arita Hootman And no I have not had run ins with them, but you don’t put 14 bullets in a man with no gun, and even if he did why would you put fourteen in him, not counting the other bullets fired and I do know some cops in Richland county are dirty, enough said, you all just don’t want to face facts

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Jameson Rhoad · Engineering Technician at Transportation Research Center Inc I showed up to be with the family immeadiately after it happened given the fact he was my best friend. there seem to be alot of untrue “facts floating around due to he said she-said. but i know what i was told by everyone involved immeadiately after it happened. I also know which officers were present (amazing how all the bad apples showed up at once), and i know about the grudge that has been held for years against brian by an attorney turned judge(to answer the question about why they would want to murder him). youre right he was a convicted felon- convicted of stealing a golf cart and driving around on it(oooohhhhhh what a horrible thing, he was also still quite young when this happened)…. he had domestic violence calls, not charges, due to issues he had when placed on a certain medicine (the same one he was prescribed back on a week before he was killed). He was also a great friend, father, and person in general, not violent in any way, and anyone who knew him personally would agree 100% with me. the investigation should be finished, what else could they possibly have to do?????? how long does it take to investigate what so many of you are making out to be a cut and dry justified kill??? oh, and if you dont want the stress of being scrutinized for every move you make and dont want to be in danger when youre at work, DONT BECOME A COP! i was military as well, and guess what, no one forced me to do it, it was my choice, the same as yours and theirs.

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Michael Wright · Madison High School 14 shots would seem to be a lot to anyone not familiar with defensive shooting. It’s not like on television, the bad guy doesn’t go down after one shot. The training today is to shoot till the threat is over. Given the fact that you can shoot 3-4 shots per second and that there were 3 officers shooting 14 is not that unusual. This would only take 2 -3 seconds to accomplish. This has been studied extensively by the Force Science Institute. Check out their website. I’m not saying they needed to shoot that many times, just that there is a adrenaline charged bodily response when you are shooting in defensive of your life (or think that you are) that is well documented.

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Randy Baker ·  Top Commenter · Sales Associate at RV Collision and Restoration, Bushnell , Florida One day soon we the people are going to get tired of the crooked law and politicians and there will be a new American revolution and I hope it comes in my time,, Im so tired of reading these stories the sad thing is this has been going on a long, The internet is just bringing it to our attantion,, Im going to share this for you to help bring your story to the forfront , I wish you well

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Randy Baker ·  Top Commenter · Sales Associate at RV Collision and Restoration, Bushnell , Florida One day soon we the people are going to get tired of the drooked law and politicians and there will be a new American revolution and I hope it comes in my time,, Im so tired of reading these stories the sad thing is this has been going on a long, The internet is just bringing it to our attantion,, Im going to share this for you to help bring your story to the forfront , I wish you well

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Nikki Hess- Buckler · North Central State College I will share this for you son and justice!

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Phil Sydnor · Major Sales  – CENSORED FROM MNJ EDITORS, HMMM? Want to learn MORE than the BCI has told any of you to this point?, come to and let the TRUTH shine! – This in my opinion is a murder for hire, others said early on it was problem solved. Now these assholes want to say he was pointing what looked to be a gun (a remote) and since it was said he had a gun one of them who snapped had to empty his gun. Deputy Zehner WILL GO DOWN FOR THIS! – One way or the other the good people of Richland County are going to see PROBLEM SOLVED once and for all!

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Phil Sydnor · Major Sales I wonder why my comment can’t be seen on the MNJ, HMMMM?

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Let me CLOSE by saying….why did the wife bring her boyfriend to the funeral again? – Very Interesting indeed!

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