Another serve and protect employee snaps, shoots woman, and dispatcher says it could be a case of PTSD?

Woman shot, suspect arrested in Galion

Police: Victim hit multiple times, still alive

GALION — Authorities said a former Galion Fire Department lieutenant could be charged with attempted murder after he was accused of shooting his live-in girlfriend multiple times Thursday night.

Galion police Chief Brian Saterfield said suspect Brian Brown, 57, had not been charged Thursday, but at the very least would be charged with felonious assault.

“I’m actually waiting for the prosecutor to arrive now,” Saterfield said Thursday night.

Police said around 8:30 p.m., a neighbor called 9-1-1 to report the incident.

Victim Shelly Fry was transported to Galion Community Hospital and soon was flown to Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

A nursing supervisor at Grant did not have a condition for Fry at 11:30 p.m.

Saterfield said when authorities arrived at the couple’s home, 246 S. Union St., Brown’s daughter was assisting Fry. She told police her father shot his girlfriend.

Fry reportedly suffered three shots to her chest and one to her arm.

After the reported shooting, Saterfield said, Brown left the home and went to a residence in Morrow County. He said he did not know Brown’s connection to the residence.

Authorities soon spotted Brown’s black Chrysler on Morrow County Road 46, and a lengthy chase ensued.

Saterfield said Brown traveled back into Galion and got out of his car and ran.

He estimated authorities chased Brown on foot for nearly a half-hour on the southeast side of Galion before he was captured at the Mardo Lane Apartments.

“When we found him, he didn’t want to be placed in custody, so we did have to use a Taser on him, but he wasn’t physically fighting us,” Saterfield said, noting that Brown had to be transported to the Galion hospital immediately after the incident because he sustained facial injuries from his fall after being stunned.

Saterfield said a gun was recovered during the arrest.

The Chrysler was towed from the apartments.

The Morrow and Crawford county sheriff offices, the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, Crestline police and Galion firefighters assisted.

Longtime friend Molly Sardina, 18, said Fry is a factory worker in Crawford County.

“I’ve known her almost my whole life. She’s friends with my mom,” said Sardina, of Galion. “She’s a really sweet person. They’ve been together about a year, but it’s always been rocky. Shelly has a daughter and a son. This is just so sad. I couldn’t believe it.” 419-521-7220 Twitter: @JamiKinton


One scary comment

 Bailey Barnhart · Dispatcher at Morrow County EMS

  • If he was a firefighter there is a good possibility he’s got mental issues….. A lot of them have PTSD. I know that can’t be 100% to blame for this and I am not in ANY way sticking up for him but it definitely could’ve been a factor.
IF we have many with PTSD and they act like this!, are they really capable to serve and protect? I would think IF this was the case these people would seek help or get disability when they get to a point where they go from serve and protect to berserk!
I hate to say this Bailey, but if this is what the public worker community thinks I believe you are all in need of a psych evaluation instead of pre-meditating professional courtesy or immunity! There would be a lot less of this if we were not as understanding as you and put these people where they belong, in hell for God to sort out. True hero’s don’t snap unless they have sociopathic tendencies, a common problem with narcissists! = those who believe they are something they are not!
Tell it like it is…..

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