Another Perspective from inside the Richland County Courthouse – Another view they don’t want you to read as THEY DEMONIZE the public who showed up for THEIR meeting.

The TRUTH SHALL and WILL prevail IF the MP has anything to do with it! We have seen in NUMEROUS cases as OUR so-called Secret Grand Jury has had EVIDENCE withheld along with other numerous video accounts as you will see the SAME intimidation of the public, and now they want to say these Officials felt intimidated? – What I personally have reviewed are many cases where THEY intimidate the public, maybe they need public interaction skills courses for the officials, I recommend taking 12 weeks with Dale Carnegie. Please read this in it’s entirety and forget about the media satire being spread around OUR Community! The County’s BEHAVIOR especially those who speak for OUR Elected Officials is getting VERY DANGEROUS to say the least. Now the MP is hearing how awful the County is treating good honest hard working Americans while letting others with criminal records run rampant. You want examples just ask in the comments below.

I ran out of time in my reply on Saturday. Here’s the rest of it, Randy.


—– Forwarded Message —–

From: scott michaels <>
To: randy shepherd <>
Sent: Saturday, August 1, 2015 4:49 PM
Subject: Re: Richland County Common Law Study Group Meeting Scheduled For 8-6-2015
  First of all Randy, I didn’t run from the meeting room. I was one of the last persons in there before the gendarmes told us to leave. The Whistlers left way before I did, but, they had good reason as the bullet just missed H. I stayed with my camera for as long as I could to get stuff on video. The whole thing took me by surprise as I had expected everyone to act like all the attendants of my meetings have acted in the past: quiet, polite and simply waiting for our time to present our issues. That’s the way we have always done it before, and, never had any problems.
  One of the inherent difficulties with the meeting, I think, was that Mike has had issues with that very same guard. Actually, since neither that guard nor Mike like each other, it appears to me that the whole thing may have been a set-up from the start. Possibly, it was planned that Mike was to be shot if an altercation broke out, which they knew was likely since Mike has shown his feelings during the previous encounters. Even the sheriff told me that, from their perspective, Mike and yourself are viewed as very aggressive. I interpreted that to mean you two “intimidate them” and they don’t like that. Boo, hoo. I know. Meanwhile, this does show us that your style of public servant encounters was causing you guys to be aggressively targeted as “enemies of the county”. This would be no problem as long as we had a large minority of patriot people being active in the county at this time to counter their actions, BUT, WE DON’T HAVE.
  At any rate, you guys do a great job, maybe “too good” of a job, using the “We Are Change” style of in-your-face street encounters with our public servants. HOWEVER, that is NOT MY STYLE of interacting with the public servants. I go the slow and gradual, polite, orderly and consistent, but, VIDEO DOCUMENTED approach. (Jesus said, “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”) I believe that, over time, much video documentation can be amassed to show at least the tyranny, if not the corruption, of our local public servants in their continual denial of hearing and properly addressing the people’s grievances. That’s step 1. Step 2 is to take that video evidence and then distribute it across the net to show the locals, and others, what a Police State Richland County is becoming. Step 3 has to to with public rallies and protests which we record as would the local news media once they got big enough. This is all designed to apply increasing political pressure to our public servants in which they would eventually be forced to make concessions because of an ever-increasing loss of credibility with the people. (I for one, would probably be open-carrying at the bigger rallies and protests just for self-protection against the “law enforcement growth industry”, and, as a deterrent from them easily using unlawful force.)
  While I truly appreciate those who are willing to be arrested and beat-up by roided-out thugs and thrown into jail or prison over lawful and unlawful issues, as a matter of strategy, I for one am NOT willing to use that as my personal strategy. A lot can happen while behind bars which is beyond the control of the incarcerated, like torture, and, even death. I’m more of a “blood and guts” kind of guy. I figure, if things become THAT serious, then, it’s time to take down as many with me as possible. Like the music album says, THEN, “War Is The Answer”. In that sense, I have a hair trigger. I think I’d have no trouble sleeping, too.
  So, Randy, I guess it comes down to us having two different styles of dealing with our “public servants”. I just won’t adopt the style you guys use because, quite frankly, if I did try to use it, I’d probably end-up not being even as restrained as yourselves and eventually say or do something which WOULD land me in jail or prison. (There are just too many opportunities for physical conflict using your style, in my opinion.)
  As for you not attending any more of our meetings, Randy, I think that is for the best. I don’t think that our styles of interacting with the public servants can co-exist at the same meeting with the public servants. However, I HIGHLY VALUE your researching and investigating abilities and encourage you to continue posting your incredibly important findings. We didn’t get in this mess over-night and we’re not going to get out of it over-night either. As far as our first Thursday of the month meetings go, I think it has become a matter of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There has to be a recognized leader for every group. We both realize that history is written by leaders because the followers accurately follow. (This doesn’t mean there is not much give and take between many minds, though.) This gets every major historical job done. This is just reality.
  Finally, this brings me to Mike’s situation, in general. As much as Mike’s attitude, verbosity and mannerisms extremely irritate me personally, he just rubs me the wrong way, personality clashes, though, need to be kept out of this, I must say that, technically, Mike was correct with all of the matters that he brought-up at the Commissioners Meeting. I do think he acted rather inappropriately which gave the commissioners the “excuse” they needed to manufacture a conflict. (I thought that he had agreed to WAIT for me to give the introduction before he would begin to speak! That’s another reason why I was so surprised that he just bolted ahead of me! Again, too many Chiefs, not enough Indians in the room at that time.)
  After having talked with someone knowledgeable about Mike’s situation yesterday, it appears I may have left the impression that I’m not on Mike’s “side”, or, that I just “threw him under the bus”. This isn’t the case in my mind at all. In fact, the video shows clearly, in my opinion, that the guard definitely initiated the provocation WITH NO WARNING AT ALL given to Mike. (There were no instructions given by the guard!) This would constitute assault on the part of the guard which would make Mike’s ensuing actions be possibly labeled self-defense. The past history of animosity between the two complicates the case. It would seem that both the guard and Mike might have been taking the incident quite personally.
  What makes me so angry about the whole thing is that Mike had already quite a history of using the aggressive approach with public servants before he even entered the room. Therefore, he was already a “marked man” in the eyes of the “public servants”. The same went for you, too, Randy. There we go, right from the git-go, we have a conflict between the two interaction styles, or, philosophies, within the same room. I’m holding back, wanting the meeting to get flowing as normal, and waiting for my opportunity to speak the brief introduction for why we were attending the meeting. Even though Mike, or, someone, was, apparently asked if he had questions, the ball was never given back to me first so that I could have possibly prepped and cushioned the event. Maybe, with Mike, that would not have made any difference, because, the fact that he got up out of his chair, even after being told that he could see her badge, could have been interpreted by some as sort of an aggressive action. The touching of her badge certainly was interpreted that way! (Really, the exaggerated whining by the commissioners was used as an excuse to escalate the tension of the moment.)
  As to what happened to Mike, I really feel that he partly brought it on himself. I mean that his and your past aggressive actions with the public servants, being warranted or not, virtually conditioned them to see Mike, and, yourself, as potentially physically dangerous “enemies” of the county public servants. Because of these past publicly aggressive behaviors, you had both become targeted activists. This is what I mean by partly bringing it on himself. Negative reputations are difficult to remove once entrenched in the public servants minds’, no matter how unjustified, and, given the mind-controlled political environment of today, “malevolent reputations” practically guaranteed some sort of attempt at entrapment at the meeting. The trap was sprung and history is history.
  I think Jesus said, “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves” for good reason. This kind of approach virtually guarantees that others see you in a physically non-threatening light, so at least they are more apt to listen to what you have to say rather than feel physically intimidated by your mere presence.
  I suppose I must take part of the blame for what happened at that County Commissioners Meeting. I should have reviewed your and Mike’s past video recordings more carefully and made a hard and fast rule right there. I should have realized that your actions would not be interpreted by the public servants as the behavior of “gentle doves”. Therefore, I should have requested that you both not attend the meeting with my group. I should have said you were perfectly welcome to set-up a meeting with the commissioners on your own without us being present. If you two would have instead decided to attend our meeting anyway, I should have aborted the meeting and left with my group, just because of the threat of dynamic instability alone.
  So, as you can see, Randy, we have two very different philosophies on how to deal, initially anyway, with our public servants. Mine is Jesus’ example of “gentle as doves”. Yours and Mike’s is a much more, initially, aggressive approach. I think these two approaches also yield two vastly different results as pertaining to the public servants’ perceptions of us over time. Up to this point, I never perceived a pronounced animosity between my group and the county commissioners, or, the sheriff’s department for that matter.
  However,  history teaches that, eventually, situations come to loggerheads and the spilling of blood in war usually follows at some point. THAT is what I’m trying to avoid right now. Also, I’m trying to avoid helping the “new world order” crowd to grow their Police State even faster by giving them “opportunities” and “excuses” to further clamp down on our unalienable rights and responsibilities via unlawful “security measures” designed to “protect” the “public servants”, and, the “public”, in general. I’m hoping that this incident with Mike will not be used to accelerate the construction of a tyrannical Police State in Richland County, Ohio, helped along by heaping portions of media spin.
  Having said all this, I have to say I’m on Mike’s side when it comes to the specific issue of whether the guard’s use of initial force was justified. It CLEARLY WAS NOT justified and the guard should be held accountable with charges of assault being applied. Besides this, the guard actually endangered everyone in the room by pulling his sidearm and discharging a round, which barely missed a young man! At the very least the guard should immediately lose his job and face assault charges, as well as charges of public endangerment. (Where’s an Independent Grand Jury when you need one!)
  Well, it’s a lot of water under the bridge, now, but, I really do wish I would have reviewed your and Mike’s aggressive style of interacting with public servants much more closely before moving forward with the commissioners meeting. The clear delineation between our two philosophies and styles of confronting public servants makes for the necessity of having two different sets of meetings with our public servants. However, the sharing of research findings and news revelations could and should proceed as before with web postings, and, even personal exchanges at meetings as long as civility can be maintained.
  Our founding fathers bent over backwards trying to be polite, respectful, calm and orderly when presenting their many grievances before the British Crown and its various representatives and officers. Finally, though, the last threads of restraint broke and the North American continent fell into years of enraged bloodshed. If this is to be America’s future, war on American soil again, may it be said that we tried with all civility and decorum to avoid the Conflagration.
I wish you well, Randy.
From: randy shepherd <>
To: scott michaels <>
Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: Richland County Common Law Study Group Meeting Scheduled For 8-6-2015

Scott you in my opinion are such a punk ass fraud who meets in private with the nazi leader who by and for his private cause of executive branch takeover. This vary man casue numerous infractions of the law wiht several unarmed bandits intruding on my other wise peaceful public meeting.  Your friend your pal the nazi in the yellow shirt damn near kiiled me during his pprivate siezure of my court house whaich by the way was very successful.
So here is what you fkn mouth got you, you neve and I mane never as you did upon entering the court house affilaite me in any way with your bullshit group of one, You never include ,e wiht your mouth of being any thing close to a Amwerican antionsla s you proclaim to be until the Shtf and then out the door forget the womwn and children Scott is taken flight Oh I hear you run your mouth but all I saw was asses and elbows heading fromthe dorr as the terrorists pulled guns, That stary bullet from your pal could have just as easily and just splilt your shoulder Baldes, Yes I said shot in the back by your pals.. that is called friendly fire death and you are as guilty in my mind as they are if for nothin g more then leavine gher scene or a crime and that crime is terrorism.. take to flight lke the banny hen you are casue you aint get the fiorest clue of birng a patriot nor o I ever consider you as an amwerican patriot becasue your as pussy american national.

  Hell you did not even know where the County Commissioers office is, now you say you have the proclamation from who. None of those squaters are bonded and jnoen are thereby couty commissioers and certainly you cannot have a board wiht zero commissioers.
  waht are you thinking. Oh never mind you are a american national.  wrng fkn hat dude just wrong, you see a vetran i peril of his life your life the qwomwn lives and run your ass down the hall to your nazi bud.. It is best you have your type of meeting with out me. keep it your self and your own flatuation in it. group of ONe..                 
On Thu, 7/30/15, scott michaels <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Richland County Common Law Study Group Meeting Scheduled For 8-6-2015
To: “randy shepherd” <>
Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015, 4:41 PM

I’m sorry you feel that way, Randy. A peaceful, orderly presentation of our petitions to our public servants is our ONLY option at this moment. These presentations are to be recorded on video so that the rejections of our grievances mount-up the evidence against them over time. That is, unless you feel that you already have an “army” right now to take-on the traitors in office. Good luck with that. Our founding fathers repeatedly went the extra mile in documenting and peacefully, presenting, in an orderly fashion, their grievances before the British “Crown”. They allowed the inevitable war with the international banking Rothschild s to develop naturally. So, on April 19th, 1775, our founding fathers were forced into physically defending their property, land and freedoms on the Lexington Green and on the ground of Concord.  Personally, I feel that this scenario may be inevitable, again, for America. I just don’t think we should be helping them to build their totalitarian Police State BEFORE that Time, thereby giving them even MORE of an advantage. If we think that going into the public servant offices and meeting rooms and trying to “take-over” the meetings when they are so abysmally ignorant, or not, of the Law, we are sadly mistaken. This will only, eventually, result in our arrest and possible imprisonment with the controlled “media” making mincemeat of the Truth and Patriot Movements in the public’s mind in the process. This kind of activity only increases our isolation from the public’s consideration of our cause. I, for one, refuse to go to “prison”, if I can at all help it. If and or when I have to go down, I much prefer going down in a more fair fire fight, hopefully with others of like mind when state and national “flash points” finally arrive. We act as peacefully and orderly as possible for as long as we can, for as long as they let us. Then, it actively becomes DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER in defense of our loved ones and
ourselves. – Regardless of personal cost, just as the founding fathers experienced in the birth of our Republic.

From: randy shepherd
  To: scott michaels
  Sent: Thursday, July
30, 2015 3:48 PM
  Subject: Re: Richland County Common Law Study Group Meeting Scheduled For             8-6-2015

Hey Scott you chicken shit bastard read fucking
this sign posted on our Court house door. No persona shall
enter this preimse wiht a gun. So all your buddies in
cluding the yellow bastard in our court house are to be
prosecuted. you wann join wiht them ok joinderis an option.
Fk off you punk. 
On Thu, 7/30/15, scott michaels <>

Richland County Common Law Study Group Meeting Scheduled For
  To: “Scott Kyler” <>
  Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015, 3:31 PM



by Scott Kyler 7-29-2015

The next Richland County Common Law Study Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August, 6th, 2015 at The Waterford, 1296 S. Trimble Road, the corner of Lexington Avenue and Trimble Road, starting at 6:30pm. We are now meeting in the private dining room. One of the topics of discussion will be the selection of ground rules for our proper, profitable, behavior when interacting with our public servants in public meetings. This
discussion is, regrettably, now necessary if we are to have any future, public meetings with our public servants. (Actually, it’s rather amazing to me that this subject even needs to be addressed.) Unfortunately, because there were 3 other groups, represented, that had joined our group for the Thursday, July 9th, 2015 County Commissioners Meeting, whose
individuals had not been fully vetted by myself, behaviors ensued at the meeting that are
against my personal philosophy concerning interactions with public servants at public
meetings. Actually, there was only one person present at that County Commissioners Meeting, who arrived with our group, whose behavior, in my opinion, was out-of-line when
  attempting to interact with a largely ignorant, or, not, Board of County Commissioners. (All meetings must proceed in an orderly fashion, including the hearing of public concerns,
even in light of the public meetings, including the meeting of the County Commissioners, being meetings of the people of the county. This MUST be kept in mind at least until the
active consensus in Richland County changes to that of historical Patriot. If this general
rule is not followed, then, any excuse can be used to increasingly shut-down public interactions with and access to our public servants.) In all of the previous meetings I have held between our patriot people and our public servants, including, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the Richland County Commissioners, and, the Richland County Board of Health, there have never been any negative incidents occur,  especially like that which happened at the July 9th, 2015 Richland County Commissioners meeting. In fact, we have had only positive results from our meetings, including the Proclamation signed by the County Commissioners declaring  clear support for the Bill of Rights in Richland County, Ohio.
So, if we are to proceed to take-back and secure our liberties in a peaceful fashion through interacting with our public servants, we MUST proceed in an orderly way in these meetings. To not proceed in an orderly fashion only allows opportunities for conflicts to occur, which, undoubtedly, will be used by our “public servants” and, or, “the media” to further demonize our Patriot Movement which is standing for the protection
of our unalienable rights under God. Hopefully, such a damaging conflict has not already happened which will be used to progressively solidify the establishment of a “Police State” right here in our own Richland County, Ohio. Obviously, the political trends across the country do not appear to be good.
Please come out to our meetings and bring patriot friends. Only through knowledge and action can the tide be turned. We have the numbers. We just have to organize and stand up, so, that we will not have to ever “load-up”. “Fear is the mind killer.” – from the movie DUNE. Fear is also the freedom killer – it is the liberty killer, when concerning mortal men. However, the fear of YHWH God is the beginning of wisdom. – And the knowledge of God’s
  Revealed Law continues the path toward maturing that liberty yielding wisdom. Hosea 4:6-7.

The Richland County Common Law Study Group meets the first Thursday of the month at
The Waterford, at 6:30 pm.

See you at our next meeting!
Scott Kyler Richland County Common Law Study Group 419-612-9167

A friendly reminder the MP Group is not and does not associate as a Group of on individualized identity, it is a group on facebook who are ALL WELCOME to share their Perspectives on NEWS – PERIOD. The MP does not choose sides, yet works in the principal of being a Devils Advocate for TRUTH asking the questions the local media and abroad do not ask nor share with the public as you see I am sharing into the light what has been kept in the dark. The perspectives here of others who were at the July 9th Meeting including myself who STRONGLY DISAGREE with the short clips the media has shared, especially without audio. What “the people” need to see to make an INFORMED decision is the unedited uncut 47 minute version that first broke by PINAC – Photography Is Not A Crime which can be seen here directly on youtube…

From one perspective I noticed out there that appears to see the disturbing points many are missing due to media spin. Great points Mansfielder! – (y)

Mansfielder Tells it like it is in favor of Mike Skidmore


Audio recordings below not heard before!


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  1. Drew Tyler says:

    You said if we want examples then ask here, ok I’m asking and please don’t bore us again with the Mayer, Skidmore or Garber thing. You have beat those topics into the ground and quite frankly your opinion isn’t going to keep Mayer from his job, Skidmore is more than likely going to prison (but we will have to wait for the trial if there is one to know for sure) and Garber isn’t coming back. So lets have some new alleged information shall we.

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