Another Perspective by another Citizen in the July 9th public meeting where a Security Guard recklessly discharges his fire arm without just cause.



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I am asking for everyone’s help in pushing this news nationwide. During our public meeting at the Richland County commissioner’s office in Mansfield, Ohio, we witnessed an unfortunate and horrible turn of events when a court security guard tried to forcefully take a reporter’s camera and remove him from the meeting without issuing any kind of verbal warning. It all started when the commissioners did not give any notification of their desire to go into executive session. The commissioners rolled their eyes and snickered when pressed to answer the questions put forth, which I thought was disrespectful to all attendees. We did not treat them with disrespect and we were all peaceful. Ironically enough, many of the people attending the meeting were there to ask questions regarding governmental abuses. Mr. Skidmore , the correspondent for PINAC, Photography Is Not A Crime, asked questions about why county employees do not have name/identification tags and put their hands on the public, which is inappropriate. The commissioners claimed not know what he was talking about which has happened to him previously during a records request. A woman then told the commissioners that if the employees do have a badge on it is turned around so that no one knows their name. The woman who records the minutes of the meeting told Mr.Skidmore that he was welcome to see her name badge. When he leaned over to photograph her badge, commissioner John over-reacted and stated that Mr. Skidmoreinappropriately touched Stacy. Mr. McDowell, who was sitting directly in front of Stacy, said in a press statement, that Mr. Skidmore did not touch her and if he did it certainly was not sexual or inappropriate, maybe he brushed her shoulder. Commissioner John summoned another county employee to fetch the guards. Mr. Norris, court security, grabbed and yanked on Mr. Skidmore’s camera that was attached to a lanyard around his neck. This provoked Mr. Skidmore into an attempt to protect his personal property, who then punches the guard, and in my opinion, a bit hastily. Having been provoked and in this situation previously, could be the reason for Mr. Skidmore’s reaction. A woman and myself were sitting next to the fight. Neither Mrs.Garber nor myself wished to be tangled in fists, we stood up. When I stood up, I turned to witness the security guard pulling his firearm from his holster, put his finger on the trigger and fire a shot nearly missing Mr. Skidmore and my son, Hunter, who was also recording the event from across the room. My son heard the bullet whiz by his head, striking the wall just inches away from his head. If he would have stood up, he would have been shot. An agent from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation told my son after reviewing the video that he is very lucky to be alive. There is a great deal of misinformation or “sanitizing” in our local media forcing us to announce the truth. If it were not for my son’s camera there would not be any proof released to the public. Not one person, aside from the Sheriff, asked if my son and I were okay, nor any of the other attendees. We are now seen as kooky people for asking questions of our elected officials who work for “We the People”.  The commissioners now have armed sheriff deputies to protect them?  From whom, their own security? And the commissioners were too traumatized to go back to work until Monday. What about my son?  What about the safety of everyone in that room? Here we have an incompetent security guard, a former peace/police officer, whom by the way, is still employed and my attempts to contact his boss for his dismissal, have been ignored. As a former peace/police officer, he knows that you never pull a firearm in that situation! I can not tell you how many rights have been violated.   We are asking for justice.    Below are links to the Fox 8 news interview my son and I did along with Phil Sydnor’s blog that is keeping track of what has been going on in our county. 

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  1. Security guards are not authiorized to do many things these goons did. Ist they are not authirized to cross the threshold of the court house with a gun and more exact a loaded gun. That is the original crime of terroroism.

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