Another lammo article – “Ohio trying to identify deadly dog illness” – where is the news, just hysteria if you ask me!

Read it if you will –

Ohio trying to identify deadly dog illness

No REAL news if you ask me! News would include what the cause is and what to look out for, all this does is start mass panic!

Cracks me up! Surely this is coming from the foods their owners are feeding them along with the fact many dogs like humans not getting the exercise they need.
Everyone is in denial of what manufactured food is doing to help the healthcare business in both human and animal sectors. Surely why they only share the hysteria rather than any correlations between all the deaths.
Things that would have been nice to know in this article IF they would do their due diligence is if these deaths had ANY relations to the foods the dead dogs have eaten?

Surely can’t do that, so we hope commenters will be able to answer or in this case “identify” what’s causing this?

So far if you read comments, I would say no. So my thoughts of what’s in what the dogs are eating is by far the BEST explanation. Don’t forget the exercise many dogs don’t get because their owners have them locked up all day and rarely take them for the walks they really need. Surely you will agree Bob Baker is the closet to the truth that the paper is in fear of eluding to, THE FOOD INDUSTRY!


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