Another distraction from “Reason” in Mansfield – “Another atheist billboard flap in Mansfield”

I’m starting to think the MOA has ties to Judge DeWeese and his “All Knowing” Court of Moral Absolutes. This is as bad as having the 10 Commandments hanging in a Courtroom that makes deals without a jury of peers!, where a few can negotiate secular justice all the while having “immunity” when something goes wrong!.

I ask; is this the justice when the ONLY losers are the taxpayers when justice is perverted and dues are not paid by the offender?.

Here’s the distraction from what’s REAL going on in the Courts!

MANSFIELD — For the second time in less than six months, Mid-Ohio Atheists have run into trouble because of a billboard.

Early last month, three of the group’s billboards went up locally. One billboard, that read “Faith is a virtue” but had the word “faith” crossed out and replaced with the word “reason,” was removed last week for a public service announcement.

Ron Stephens, president of the Mid-Ohio Atheists, said the billboard was supposed to stay up through June 3. Stephens said Lamar Advertising changed the billboard in the middle of last week because the landowner complained. It was on Ohio 430 east, directly across from Melody Lane.

“The lease is about up, and they’re negotiating a new lease,” Stephens said.

• See what Steve Goble has to say in today’s It’s Debatable blog post.

According to the Richland County Auditor’s Office, the property owner is Mark Scheurer. He did not return calls seeking comment.

Stephens said Lamar general manager Tim Gerity told him the Mid-Ohio Atheists would get a refund.

“I certainly don’t want to cause any trouble for Lamar,” Stephens said.

Gerity would not comment.

In December, the Mid-Ohio Atheists had a similar situation with Lind Media Co.

The Mansfield-based company refused a billboard depicting Poseidon, Jesus, Satan and Santa Claus as myths. The atheist group said Lind waited until one day before the billboards were scheduled to go up to inform the group of its decision.

“We deemed the content of this creative particularly offensive and not in the best interest of the community,” Lind vice president Maura Siegenthaler previously told the News Journal.

Stephens said his group is advertising for more membership. The Mid-Ohio Atheists have about 30 members.

“It kind of makes us sad that people don’t want us to put up billboards,” Stephens said. “We’re not out to offend anyone.”

As proof, Stephens cited a decision not to put a billboard on Springmill Street because of the proximity of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

While one of the group’s billboards has been replaced, two others remain.

“We thought some of the other ones would be more objectionable,” Stephens said.

A billboard on Second Street reads “On the first day, man created God.” The other is on Park Avenue East, near the subway, and has the message “There is no God. Don’t believe everything you hear.”
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10 Responses to Another distraction from “Reason” in Mansfield – “Another atheist billboard flap in Mansfield”

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  7. buckeyesyd says:

    Fred Levins · Top commenter
    From the number of comments on this story, there is widespread interest in the latest developments concerning the MOA. On that basis, the News Journal was doing what newspapers should do, which is to cover news of interest to its readers.

    MOA’s billboard campaign using Lamar appears to have been a tremendous success, especially when compared with the Lind episode. The board on Scheurer’s property was up about 23 days (erected on Tuesday, May 8th) instead of about 27 days as initially contracted. If most of the benefit from that board was derived in the first couple weeks of exposure, the loss to MOA is small. The other two boards were up the full contracted period.

    The MOA would be well advised to carefully protect their successful working relationship with Lamar, because the MOA may want to erect additional billboards in t…he future. Protecting the working relationship probably requires, at the least, that they must conduct themselves in a scrupulously thoughtful, considerate fashion in all their dealings with Lamar. Beyond that, they might find interacting with the staff at Lamar in a respectful fashion to be a beneficial approach that leads to an enjoyable experience in the midst of conducting business. However, if the staff at Lamar includes theists, respect may be beyond what the MOA can provide in the working relationship. For me, this is the most interesting aspect of the current situation. Will the MOA be able to sustain their working relationship with a business that probably includes theists on the staff?

    There are future stories in this that I hope the News Journal covers. What is it like for the staff at Lamar to interact with their interlocutors at the MOA? There may be other angles to cover that the readership would welcome.

  8. buckeyesyd says:

    Eli McClellan · Top commenter · 30 years old
    Ok let me say it like this then:

    If I were to say I had FAITH in the Richland county justice system, people would say for what REASON, for I don’t see that the justice system works..

    And that is my exact argument, why should I have faith in something that has NOT been proven? For what REASON should this be?

    And as far as the aforementioned fairy tale characters:
    Jesus: Magician (which I thought was frowned upon by the church) Immortal, able to fly, walk on water.. Sounds fairy tale-ish to me..
    Moses: split an entire sea to RUN from enemies.. Sounds coward ish, and fairy tale-ish
    God: we’ll that’s self explanatory..
    Heaven: all of your loved ones looking down on you from above the clouds.. I’ve been there, you’d think I’d have seen him lol..
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    · Follow Post · 22 hours ago
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    Jodie Fry · Top commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    And that is my exact argument, why should I have faith in something that has NOT been proven? For what REASON should this be? BECAUSE IT’S FAITH BASED…obviously you don’t get it.. faith is just that … “faith” .. it is not meant to be “proven”

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    Eli McClellan · Top commenter · 30 years old
    Lmao @ Jodie Fry..
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    Jodie Fry · Top commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    again mr McClellan, you are making fun of a viable response. You do NOTHING to futher your cause with such replies. It saddens me that you use such childish responses when i am trying to understand your way of thinking. I would stick to more academic responses if you wish to further your cause rather than “LMOA” which is clearly a response someone would give that has nothing more to say
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    Eli McClellan · Top Commenter · 30 years old
    Your response was not Viable ms. Fry.. You said you my argument is your argument, but it’s not.. Justice in richland county has not been proven, nor has your gods presence.. However science and logic HAVE proven just about every quandary known to man.. So how on earth was your statement viable ms fry???? Again LMFAO at you..
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    Jodie Fry · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio
    Mr. McClellan,, you continue to prove that some in the MOA are not ready to react with dignity and sensability, you are soooo hurting your cause more than helping… I sincerely hope you are not a part of this organization. it is an embarassment to them if you are.. Mr. Drenn Workman at least can argue with dignity without making asinine comments that have no substance.
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    Eli McClellan · Top Commenter · 30 years old
    I thought I did pretty good.. Where did I not react with dignity or sense? I have said before I am not one o the 30 members, I’m more agnostic than atheist.. Please use intelligence when you try to debate.. Your original comment was so confusing I don’t think you even know what you meant to say.. Now rephrase it and try again..
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    Eli McClellan · Top Commenter · 30 years old
    Ohhhh wait I get it now.. You meant to quote me with the first portion of your statement?

    Faith is something you have when you sincerely HOPE something is true or comes true.. I prefer reasonable explanations over “that’s how god made it” or “that’s how god wanted it” those are not reasonable answers to ANY question
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    Eli McClellan · Top Commenter · 30 years old
    Just FYI Jodie they make these things “” they are called “quotation” marks.. You use them when you are repeating something another person said, or “quoting” that person.. Otherwise it’s plagiarism lol..
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    Chris Workman · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Owner at Small Business
    @Jodie: I choose to believe things that can be reasonably proven through verifiable facts, etc. If you choose to overlook the contradictions, errors, and vagueness of the bible because it comforts you, then I have absolutely NO problem with that.

    However, I prefer the things I believe be verifiable and true ( at least to a reasonable point). I’m not willing to chalk it up as “faith” or whatever other cliche fits. I actually care that the things I believe are true….or not. And I’m sure you do to in every other aspect of your life. Somehow people give religion a pass. 🙁

    An atheist is one that rejects the theory of a supreme being because it CANNOT be proven. No more, no less. Being an atheist defines nothing else about a person other than they do not believe in a deity.

    If someone if willing to overlook the lack of evidence and go on “faith” as you put it, then more power to ya! Just please don’t try to shove it down my throat or those I care about, not face to face or via legislation.
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    Chris Workman · SubscribeSubscribed · Top Commenter · Owner at Small Business
    @Jodie: You cannot just conjure “faith”. you either have it or you don’t. I spent many years wanting to believe but simply could not. So does god simply love others more than me since he endowed them with “faith”?

  9. buckeyesyd says:

    Eli McClellan · Top commenter · 30 years old
    Wow! Look at all the bashing.. Religion is full of “It’s my way, or your an idiot” mentality.. So what’s the problem with using reason and logic to answer the questions you have about this life?

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    Actually Eli, there’s no logic to their reasoning. These signs are just to provoke an argument; “Bashing” is just a result of what they were looking for. My reasoning to get more members IF I were an Athiest would be to lead by example, and not promote this negaitve behavior!.

    Better energy served would be to get involved with why we have a legal system that makes laws to promote their moral absolutes such as Judge DeWeese the “all knowing judge”.
    I believe maybe an athiest should run against him IF they want to promote change?. Until this happens, the status quo of “it’s my way, or you’re an idiot” will remain. If there’s a mentality that needs to change, it’s in the Courts!

    Val Weber · Top commenter · The Ohio State University
    Anytime someone attacks someone else beliefs with a red line through them on a billboard, controversy will be created.. Ms. Workman is obviously doing just that to bring attention to her “cause…”

    Drenn Workman · Top commenter · Mansfield Ohio State University
    Ms workman ha, Mr workman to you.

    Great comeback Drenn – lol!

  10. buckeyesyd says:

    A comment you will not see at the above provided link to;

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    About 30 members?, isn’t that about all that showed up at the Frack Ohio protest on the square? Could this be the same group?, (Just Saying) – either way, not impressed with either message! “Reason” is the word bullies use when you disagree with them – lol! I personally believe the “reason” they don’t get more members is…when you disagree with them, they call you names like delusional and moron. Snide remarks don’t go far when you’re trying to prove your point! I wish they would quit crying!, they sound like many in office here that can only wish they had Godlike power – I’m starting to think DeWeese has something to do with this, for it’s all bad and nothing good will ever come from it!

    Drenn Workman · Top commenter · Mansfield Ohio State University
    Bullies do not use reason, they use threats. Threats like: You’ll find out the truth of this and wish you had known better after this life.

    Phil Sydnor · Top commenter · Public Scrutiny
    No, but the bullies (Athiests) think everything they say comes from reason. So, is calling folks delusional not being a bully?. I remember you saying atleast on one occasion that Christians are delusional. The thing that surprises me the most is your ability to state your case without a doctrine on psychology, unless you have one. I really like your ability when not knowing someone when you say it too – lol!. We are Americans, I have NO PROBLEM with your Atheism, we have a Constitutional right to be whomever we want to be, peace – believe what you want, Christians don’t bother anyone except those who will live the same life with one exception, that we go on after this one. Thinking this one life is all there is has to be dreadful and sad for Athiests if you think about it, but then again…I don’t waste much time on it!. Peace once again my friend?.

    No response from the King of Athieism?

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