Another Craigslister sharing falsehoods – why don’t THEY comment here?

That’s right, because the are what we call a “Pusillanimous” who uses fear as a reason why they do not reply!. They feel I will do something to them, even though EVERYONE knows who I am – lol!

Here’s another copy of what will surely be flagged – the TRUTH hurts!

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RE; Mansfield Persp./C-list/Facebook (Out there) (Question for you!)

Date: 2012-07-01, 9:25AM EDT
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Another anonymous poster who’s not sharing the truth, once again.

Here is a little of what they said that I will pick apart and question…

“So I thought I’d check out the FB page next assuming that since the blog page sucks so bad that the FB page would be much more organized and user friendly. The FB page is nothing but a Phil Snydor copying and pasting post after post from here on Craigslist and commenting on them. The FB page also had a few topics that contained wild accusations and implications. For example, implying that the City of Mansfield is now into the arson business for profit.”

Please, when you make YOUR WILD ACCUSATIONS – please use resources, I do!

The FB page is nothing but a Phil Snydor copying and pasting post after post from here on Craigslist and commenting on them. (CORRECTION) – The majority are articles copied and pasted so those of us who are CENSORED for refuting the Mansfield News Journals open ended articles with intentionally left out details, the very few copies of craigslist articles are those that were flagged because certain people don’t like the TRUTH!. If you read these removed copies, you will see what I mean?.

Now, in regards to making accusations that the City of Mansfield is in the arson business for profit – please share your source!, I think you are READING into something that is not there!, but IF you want to admit to something, go right ahead.

The truths that are not being told that will get many sued IF we knew who you were is that I am a criminal who hangs with many others who are as well. If this was true, you folks would share your resources and facts on this as well.

So, my hide behind the keyboard friend – like so many that have to PROVE their integrity, come and share if you dare where I work…After all you people keep putting it out there like it’s gonna be a detriment to my job. Just an FYI – It’s actually hurting your cause, for MANY folks have been coming in asking for me! – Once again I am crowned TOP VOLUME SELLER once again. Keep up the GOOD WORK, my family thanks you! – Another great month for commissions

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One Response to Another Craigslister sharing falsehoods – why don’t THEY comment here?

  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Hey!, we know you’re reading this…So comment here instead of craigslist – your spin there is getting you no where. How ever, I do love how you are driving hits to the website which is a FULL BLOWN refute to CENSORSHIP on the Mansfield News Journal site where the ONLY comments are allowed are those THEY agree with.

    FYI – when you refute, it’s better for your integrity even as an anonymous writer to share your sources ( Not what you read into something ) Your ideas are not the same as mine with one exception – WE NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT!, but first folks need to know the TRUTH – This is the BIG DIFFERENCE between you and I, the voters here are misled on MANY occasions because their memories are short. Todays articles on employers having a hard time finding folks not on drugs is a CLEAR INDICATOR of why Mansfielders need a reminder, SHORT TERM MEMORY IS THE PROBLEM!

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