Anonymous Poster on craigslist far from getting what they want – lol!

Maybe you should take a look yourself my intrepid anonymous poster?

We are #1, and plan to keep it while serving the good people like you should, we all know why the hater hides anonymously on craigslist while makes claims they were booted from facebook group – poooooor baby, maybe next time you’ll use a REAL account then and we would know who you are? Nobody knows Drew Tyler – I ROTFL!, because you are the biggest idiot known to man.


 Hows that plastic trophy look Philly lmao

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How does that plastic trophy look sitting on your bosses desk Philly? He is probably using it to hold books up because it’s a joke, just like you. I love how you get soooooooo upset when people “tell it like it is” and “how it is” is in direct opposition to your distorted views. Oh by the way, hows the FBI investigation coming along? That really is worth ROTFLMFAO because we all know that they don’t take you seriously either. So now you have whined to every law enforcement agency possible, all of them tell you to piss up a rope and laugh you right out of their office, so who you gonna call now, oh wait Philly, try Ghostbusters LMAO. Now we all can see why your ole lady had a stroke and was an alcoholic. Yep, you really do leave us ROTFLOAO time and time and time and time again. You blocked me from your FB page and from posting of your joke of a former cut and paste website and guess what, all you can do here is jump up and down on the “abuse” button. None of them make me go away….I’m here for as long as I want to be and there isn’t a damn thing you or any of your other multiple personalities can do about it. Go home and feed the ole lady with that food stamp card Philly.

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