Anonymous craigslist poster could only hope Philly would go away – LOL!

This poor poster must be going bonkers hoping I don’t get on the ballot, for only if I don’t will prove much is wrong here. The sad news is I will not give up the fight for the people and freedom of speech to refute their crap! The Mike Skidmore case alone will do that – can’t wait to see the fruit of their next meeting in Dec. Sure they say he planned an attack on these morons, when in fact they more than likely planned it seeing their keyboard warrior is still posting anonymously on craigslist. I find it hard to believe they would stoop so low, but that’s what people this stupid do.

Read this crap and leave your facebook comments to any questions you may have, I assure you THEY are watching!

Looks Like Ole Philly Dilly has some competition

One can only wonder why Ole Philly Dilly would think that his years of slinging washing machines could give him even the slightest bit of credentials to run as Richland County Commissioner. What would be his advice if asked a question? He would say “Let me see if I can find it in the owners manual.” He continues to make these huge promises that he can bring about “change” in government for the better and yet, all these years of his blabbering and crying on his joke site and in the News Journal (until they got tired of him and cut him off lol) he has done absolutely NOTHING to bring about change. He used his former website to put his “opinion” on topics, that is, until he was threatened with a Cease and Desist Letter from the MNJ because he was stealing their copywrited material. So in addition to being a loser, a washing machine slinger, a wife beater and a liar, he has also added the title of thief. Yeah my vote is for him (NOT). Time to go ROTFLMFAO at him over and over and over again.

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Philly Dilly (Lexington)

Does Phil Sydnor understand that it actually takes money to run in elections? Slinging washing machines and being on public assistance is hardly enough to run an election. I think this is hilarious as hell. Everyone knows his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, lol! His constant rants about being broke and he thinks he can run for office. This is the funniest shit I have read in years. I would bet 100.00 he backs out when he realizes he’s a broke b*t*h and can’t afford it but it won’t be his fault it will be the ex apa supervisor he is obsessed with. Everything in his life is someone else’s fault. Give it up Phil you are just giving people a good laugh.

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Ole Philly Dilly’s Internet must be off again!!

I guess Ole Philly must have had his internet shut off again for non-payment because he hasn’t posted anything on his musty, stale, one-sided joke site for several days. I admit I do go there to read his bullshit but only because it amuses me at how a person who wants to be a County Commissioner can be so narrow minded and just plain stupid. So come on Philly, do something with that joke site, I’m starting to get bored with it because its just the same ole shit day after day after day after day and it leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. Now that you have again finished reading this….as your puppet master, I instruct you to get your ass back to slinging them washing machines…you loser piece of shit.

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re philly dilly

Nobody reads your crap with exception of all your City County minions who ROTFLMAO while they FEAR one who may get in office who will make a difference. You talk a lot of crap on here yet hided behind your keyboard like the pusilanimous you are – PERIOD.
Have you EVER been to a public meeting or do you know ANYTHING about the current Communissioners? Yes – Wert is a dumb fucking hillbilly farmner who couldn’t succeed at that, Gary Utt is a reject from GM who by the way has very few friends I am yet to find who has a following of young girls a gay men, maybe you’re one of them. Then there’s the infamous Marylin John who Shelby folks voted for in the last Election because they wanted her gone – now that’s ROTFLMAO!Now you say Philly has competition if he is to get on the ballot? The Bellville Mayor is hardly competition, but would make a nice puppet, huh puppet master??? He’s a failure as well losing his family business in just a short few years after getting his hands on it. So YES, some of us DO know how much money it takes to buy an election, so maybe its time for a real grass roots hard working dude who has done more at taking care of people with their needs than all three of these clowns currently in a position to do so that haven’t?

It’s HIGH TIME we clean this County up corrupt or not is really a differing perspective if you will!
Keep running your mouth as Philly looks for some good Republicans to sign his petition and takes on the REGIME with little of nothing, kind of WHAT Richland County needs because the majority here have nothing without handouts and .gov deficit money – you know, that phony stuff they are printing that some call monopoly money? Your clan makes us crap like we are under attack by ISIS, now that’s ROTFLMAO! Don’t be SHOCKED if Philly gets on the ballot, cause I won’t be if he don’t being we are learning how fudged up the Board of Elections and their stacked decks work. See, Philly is a registered INDEPENDENT and since we voted Republican in the last General Election he was told he has to run as a Republican, which by the way he’s more apt to be being he was one up until Bush screwed us over sending jobs overseas. Philly will still have his job, how ever as you know his job is not enough to keep feeding the masses as EVERYONE in retail now gets large tax refunds on the premise of falling prices – now that’s ROTFLMAO too!

Tell us some more stories our great warrior who hides behind the keyboard as philly is far from dependent on .gov as you say and actually hopes it collapses before your very eyes for the ones who will actually be hurt are those WHO WORK FOR US, AND DEPEND ON US – no we won’t be fighting over the crumbs, it will be you and those wanna be leaders you say that takes money to get into office – lol! Yes, money WINS Elections, hence status quo and Executive Branch take over, see how that works when the crash comes, and YES – Its not far off my intrepid hide behind keyboard ranter.

Follow this link and you will see Philly has not lost his internet as we see him posting daily on facebook ignoring your dumb ass like as advised him too.

You can find the latest refute to the hide behind keyboard ranter here along with the truth behind WHY they hide here, cause the poor baby can no longer post on philly’s site after they said they were in complete CONtrol – once again rolling on the floor laughing, appears Philly is in CONtrol because you are here not on facebook or his site.

Tick tick tick, as we say…better hope he don’t get those Republican signatures and IF he don’t ge will heed the BOE advice and not vote for 2 years so he can run as an INDEPENDENT and SURELY GET THEM because he shall not be limited or puppet mastered as you say. So enjoy your day as the Masfielders Perpsective Groups continues to grow on the Community who is demanding CHANGE!

Peace Out my Cowardly Keyboard Ranter – THE TRUTH IS COMING!!!!!

The days of your OBAMANATION are about over – THANK GOD

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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The TRUTH people need to ask themselves is this? What credentials do the current Commissioners have besides BIG BUSINESS, UNIONS, AND BANKS BEHIND THEM? How is that fairing for YOU?, the people they can care less about. What will you do when their funding runs out? 18 Trillion Dollar Debt is not my fault, better look in the mirror my friends and start lobbying for change or the the only demise will be your ignorance of status quo. Philly aka known as Phil who warns the truth and the way is coming while others scoff and laugh is quite interesting. I will still have a job, and no I am not on assistance with exception of a large tax refund on the premise of laugh out loud falling prices – what’s that mean people?

That’s right, YOU ARE NEXT!

I just had an employee on PERS tell me how well it is, it’s not!

Have your laughs, at the end of the day – Philly will still be working to be free! Better get to work my friends, money is tight and .gov can’t CONtinue to print monopoly money – that takes a lot of brains to figure out?????

Rest assured if I don’t get the Republican ticket, I will surely be back as an Independent – WHY? Because I work, and will NEVER GIVE UP for the people, that’s why!


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  1. Bird says:

    I say get the officials out of office if they are not willing to speak honestly with those that put them in office. We need more people like Phil who actually care about the county and are willing to be the change they are trying to create. Best of Luck to you Phil & your run for a commissioner’s seat!

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