America’s Most Wanted; Witnesses to abuse of authority & power must come forward, enough is enough with these attacks on citizens.

Time to put an end to this I know someone in Law Enforcement harassment of American citizens who get courtesy to harass others. This case being a soldier back from Afghanistan should be the final straw that should get the locals attention. This oppressive behavior must stop!
What’s your thoughts or perspective on this?
I’m getting parts of this story, but here is what is going on.

Recently, a person had an altercation with an individual at an bar, this person was punched by his girlfriends ex boyfriend.

There are at least 15 witness’ that saw this happen, the guy that was hit, was just home from Afghanistan, has his CCW permit, but the weapon was locked up at his girlfriends RESIDENCE in his car, this property was a good distance from the bar they went to.

As the police showed up, the guy that did the punching is really good friends with the arriving police officer.

As they was running the Military persons information, they find out that he has his CCW permit, but his weapon is not on him, or is it anywhere close to him, it was safely secured at his girlfriends residence in his vehicle a good distance away.

They arrested him for menacing, when he was the one that was punched, and they told his girlfriend to go to her residence with a Deputy to get the weapon, why, I have no idea, but from what I understand, this local police officer is a really anti CCW, they kept him locked up all weekend long, refused to give him bond, and took his weapon that was no where near the bar, because the cop said he probably had PTSD, BULLSHIT.

The girlfriend at first refused to give them the weapon, or take them to her residence, thats when they threaten her with arrest, the Deputy that followed her to get the weapon openly admitted that he was not comfortable with doing this, but he did it anyway.

They actually went to use an slim Jim to open the car, without an warrant, until the girlfriend was threatened again, and that’s when she opened the car, and they took his weapon from from the car, and will not give it back to him.

From what I have been told, this certain police officer is notorious for doing this to people with their CCW, constantly harass’ them, does not believe that anyone other then LEO should carry an weapon.

I will have more detail information, dates, times and names this week.

Folks this shit has got to stop, this cop needs his badge ripped from his chest, and have charges, and a law suit filed against him.

The arresting Police Dept is Ashland, Ohio Police Dept.

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