Al Lawrence speaks in wake of upcoming Sales Tax Increase?

Debt rating discussed in wake of coming tax increase

Interesting notes from this MNJ article:

Richland County Commissioners say the one-quarter of 1 percent emergency sales tax increase that goes into effect July 1 should keep county finances in good shape through 2017 if the county continues to hold costs down. They also told a representative of Standard and Poor’s Rating Service during a conference call Tuesday that they are looking into ways of doing business differently so the county can continue to operate in 2018 and beyond without enacting the tax hike permanently.” – How about replacing good paying jobs lost with jobs that don’t need healthcare subsidy’s and LARGE TAX REFUNDS to supplement wage shortfalls? The debt clock is no joke and WHY Federal and State funds are getting cut! Who needs to get REAL?, those who are looking to create jobs, not MORE dependence on Government crony capitalism, sooner than later our kids WILL pay for this!

“Commissioners said revenue has been consistent with budget expenses, although there have been some expenses that were higher than anticipated over the past several years. Two areas were for public defenders for indigent criminals and jail expenses.” –  Are they forgetting the LAWSUITS that stem from protecting citizens from themselves? It’s funny how when the Commissioners, Sheriff, and County agencies are SUED they hire Attorney’s to replace our Prosecutor who BY LAW ORC 309.09 is suppose to represent! Maybe time for a public records request that digs into how much is wasted on hiring Attorney’s to REPLACE OUR PROSECUTOR ILLEGALLY than having on staff? Maybe we can avoid corruption in the Courts and there would be no need to have so many Attorney’s on staff to handle these suits? I am being told they should get rid of Deputy Frazier and THEY could avoid many of the lawsuits we are enduring currently?

“In other financial business, Commissioners learned that they will be saving 15 on the premium for their liability insurance through the County Risk Sharing Authority. CORSA officials attributed a large part of the savings to programs implemented by county risk manager Lou Blankenship and human resources director Kelly Christiansen, particularly at the Sheriff’s Office.” – Saving 15 what, Dollars??? Part of the savings, having other Counties pay with YOUR MONEY to hire Attorney’s to replace the Prosecutor, how can this be a savings without first being a fraud? PLEASE EXPLAIN BIG AL – I KNOW THE LAW, IT’S CALLED SUNSHINE LAW, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS LOL!


***Minions speaking for the Elected heads are something to watch for, here’s WHY the County gets sued and the people are paying dearly for it, what are THEY hiding?

County Terrorist says Commissioners say you have to leave? – Why is the County hiring thugs to intimidate the people simply recording a public records request. A camera is NOW UNLAWFUL in OUR public building?

Security who won’t identify himself speaks for the Prosecutor and threatens jail? – This is WHY OUR COUNTY IS BROKE – WE ARE HIRING IDIOTS!!!!

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