Ahmad Rashad, are you really serious? “2nd Amendment bullcrap”

People are killing people, that’s the important fact – Letter to the editor ; MNJ 3/5/13

I am answering Edward Bryhn’s Feb. 17 letter in the News Journal concerning facts cited about automatic weapons being wrong.

Speaking for myself, I never stated that automatic weapons were being used for hunting animals. I said these are weapons of war and they are being used by sick individuals to kill multiple people at once. On the contrary, these weapons are available to buy in some areas. Whether they are legally available or not is not what I am emphasizing.

The fact is, my concern and Mr. Bryhn’s concern, should be that people are dying from these weapons. It is one thing to own a rifle or handgun, but to own a machine gun or any weapon that call kill a lot of people in a matter of seconds could very well mean that somebody has some heavy stuff on their minds.

You can call it venom all you want, but when a society is more concerned about the right to have guns than the number of people dying from guns something is wrong.

It is easy to be more concerned about the Second Amendment than peoples’ lives when it is not happening in your neighborhood. As long as it is in the ghetto or inner city or somebody else’s kids are dying, you can spew out all the self-righteous rhetoric about the Constitution you want. But while you are doing that, people are dying. If you don’t care about that, don’t say anything.

After working with young people for 20 years, I am concerned about the killings. I am more concerned about that than some Second Amendment bullcrap. People are dying. Don’t you care? Is any gun more important than human life?

Ahmad, after working with young people for 20 years, this is your answer?. The 2nd Amendment is “bullcrap” ?       

Come on dude, it’s probably your working with young people for 20 years that’s a problem! One would think if your work had any merit, after 20 years you would have made a change to why the young are killing each other?. Just maybe it’s your peoples bullcrap like bath salts and heroin?. Yes I said it! – you play American, but sound more like a liberal terrorist who wants everyone to believe YOUR bullcrap!

Don’t like this Country and our Constitution, go back to yours! – Certainly you were safer there?. Go ahead call me a racist, I just “tell it like it is”…

Ahmad Rashad


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John Brouse · Top Commenter

One has to ask why is there so much killing and crime in the Ghetto’s of Chicago, Detroit and other highly populated cities.  Part of the reason may be  less responsibility and supervision by the parent in raising their children.  Fathers who don’t know their children.  People must want to be educated and improve their life style, education is there for them,  you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  Its not 2nd Amendment Bull crap as you state,  enforce the laws already out there. Prime example Chicago some of the strictest gun laws in America and also the highest crime rate.  A town in Georgia has a law in the books that every resident own and have a weapon in their home and lowest crime rate, go figure.

  • Michael L. Maurer · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

    Mr. Rashad: Upholding the second amendment and the constitution is not “self righteous” or “bullcrap” as you describe in your letter.  Your apparent willingness to scrap the second amendment is shocking for an American citizen.  What other individual rights, freedom, and liberty are you willing to scrap?  It has been documented and proven time and again that citizens right to own guns for self defense reduces crime.  What you should do is write the Chicago Mayor and tell him to enforce the law and clean up the drug related crimes on the south side of Chicago in lieu of disarming law abiding citizens.

  • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

    The 2nd Amendment protects your 1st Amendment right to spread the intentional misinformation in the letter you just wrote. I have yet to see a machine gun used in a mass murder on American soil. These are semi auto rifles that were used. The same kind many use in hunting every day. The most popular rifle in the history of the U.S. Why is the Gov’t and gun grabbing groups so afraid of law abiding U.S. citizens owning these rifles? That should be the question people worry about! Why isn’t the gov’t going after these drug companies whose products these mass murderers were either on or had stopped taking?
    • Robert L. Eichof · Top Commenter

      I guess they are just not as smart as you Dale.  You could go to work for them and help?
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    • Jimmy Smarjeff · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

      Quite true, Mr Rhoads; the FDA approved doctor prescribed meds are never mentioned!. It also needs to be mentioned that rifles are used in a very miniscule amount of gun deaths; gun deaths, as noted above, that are predominately in very large urban environments. This vid shows what I’ve been saying all along about those high capacity mags: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2Upjn5DR0o&feature=youtube_gdata_player Either you believe and support the entire US Constitution (EVERY WORD!), or you don’t support it at all…
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      · 17 hours ago

    • Jeff Brewer · Top Commenter

      im with dale
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  • Leo Lawhorn

    Contrary to Mr. Rashad, I do not see any “bullcrap” in the second a amendment. I do, however, see an enormous amount of bullcrap in those who desire to do away with it. I believe Mr. Brouse and Mr.Maurer has hit the nail on the head. It is not a gun problem, it is a people problem. I have never known a gun of any type taking itself out of the drawer and going out to murder someone.    human must pick it up and pull the trigger. I fully believe that an honest American citizen deserves the right and means to defend themselves and their families with any means at their disposal. How many bullets do we need to do so? As many as it takes to get the job done.

    Posting as Phil Sydnor (Change)
  • Phil Sydnor · Works at N.Y.F.B

    The “important” fact is our laws on guns are a joke!, and our Courts make a mockery out of God. We have a 10 commandments toting Judge who will give you life @ best for killing another, even if you kill a cop. What’s wrong with this picture? – You answer this question, you solve the problem.


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