Active shooter training became useful during Ohio State incident!

Prior training became handy in Mondays terrorist attack at Ohio State University. Take a closer look at this training video that has surfaced on social media, the officer who shot the assailant is found in this active shooter training video.


Still photo of officer who shot assailant involved in the above training video. How odd is that?


Oddy enough the tactics taught here are essential during an active shooter event, how would I know? – I was involved in an active shooter event July 9th 2015 when an unnamed security guard without command attacks a 30yr prison guard ex marine during a public meeting for recording what we were being told was an executive session to block us from our own meeting with Commissioners. When Mr Skidmores camera was grabbed his instincts in response was to protect his property which video CLEARLY shows. After grabbing his camera a fight ensued and shortly after a shot rang out clearing the meeting room. Here is where some are saying I and others were cowards when clearly the above training video explains instincts, RUN – HIDE – FIGHT. Many of us clearly ran to safety being the assailant had a gun when we had none. How do I know nobody with exception the assailant had a gun? You are searched before entering this building, which by the way is CLEARLY marked No Guns Allowed, so one can think, why would security need a gun in a meeting with officials where none are allowed? Yes, this was clearly a dangerous situation allowed by officials, hopefully this has changed? I have not been in this building since the incident so I have no idea if this has changed? What I do know is 2 commissioners, the Prosecutor, and a guard involved who ran for office of Sheriff were all voted down and out by the people being it was their fault the active shooter incident happened which resulted in Mr Skidmore being blamed and RAILROADED into prison as a way to silence the incident in my opinion as a Political prisoner. This prison sentence I believe is harsh and unwarranted and currently under appeal. I am told if the appeal is denied to hold on until Mr Skidmore is out and can tell his side of the story that our local media will not cover.

Randy Amicus Curiae Brief_5

You can find more on our own local active shooter incident here!

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