A quick timeout for the craigslist fan and the ties to their facebook page, interesting!

Yes my narcissistic sociopath follower who can only post on craigslist in fear the truth will set them free? Now this is ROTFLMAO!!!! 😄


The truth is there are over 1,300 citizens who have joined the MP Group, take a look and see for yourself!

But, that’s not all and the most interesting piece of deception! My hide behind keyboard has been proven to lie over and over again, why they hide behind their keyboard for attention on craigslist, so lets give them some shall we? Check this out!, can be found right here on the Drew Tyler page that they say I have been invited to, oddly enough I don’t see it, how ever I did notice a CONnection, hmmm?

Funny!, only ONE like on any posts by Drew Tyler by a lone follower named Allan Cline, hmmm?



That’s not the most interesting part, after all Drew Tyler wants you to believe I have one follower or the fact not many comment? That’s the beauty of this being we ALL know how tight nit the corrupt are in good old Richland County, so much they are particular to who their friends are. With this said Drew Tyler will certainly have a good reason for this tie to his page, that being Allan Cline his ONLY LIKE who is also friends with the Deputy



Yes, interesting indeed now that Drew Tyler has words about who has credentials to be a bonified commissioner while having ties to the head of Richland County Elections, hmmm?

Please leave your thoughts on what CONstitutes credentials for Commissioner and or where the hopefuls are required to be tested to your liking? From what I have seen you do prefer the bobblehead types who know the law, know the rules for public meetings, yet can’t provide them. Interesting stuff the public I know and serve would like to know?

Please Mr Drew Tyler tell us here or on that Facebook page you so say we are so welcome to join? The way we see it is you have not commented there since making craigslist your NEW home. Now that’s ROTFL!!!



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