‘A good time’: Ohio retiree decides to try jail instead of fine – Interesting read!!!!

CINCINNATI — A 71-year-old retired teacher decided to learn about jail life firsthand.

He didn’t think it was too bad; in fact, he says he “had a good time.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Obie Cargile has been checking off items on his “bucket list,” visiting museums, natural landmarks, roller skating and running marathons. When he was cited for improper brake lights, he decided to try something else new.

Rather than pay a $160 fine he considered unfair, he said he would take three days in jail. He says now that it was worth it.

He says he shared a tiny cell, but had a clean cot to sleep on and was treated with respect by fellow inmates.

And, he says, he gained insights into the legal and jail systems.


I believe if this fella would have been facing a stiffer crime than a fine for improper brake likes he would be singing a different tune. Surely the jailers thought the fine was bogus too and why they provided a nice stay for him. My nights stay here in Richland County on a bogus domestic violence charge was much different. The inmates I was put in with were violent offenders waiting prison sentences and the jailers treated me as I if I were guilty and my only right was to remain silent. They actually treated those in jail as if they were friends, and since I was a “newbie” (non regular) they wanted to show how bad a place it really is, my guess! I surely took away from this place how the justice system works, atleast for regulars.I think it’s funny how this article was written in the MNJ because I have never seen folks up here having a choice when all I ever see is 30 days in jail suspended with a fine because the jails here are always full!Interesting story to say the least, especially when they make jail out to be the nice place only regulars know. Which if you think about it, makes folks wanna go there – what do you think, will this encourage others or more to do the same?

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