9-1-1 Supervisor Kay L. Hughes has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Safety Services Director Lori Cope – Oh, Oh!

Former staffer sues safety-service director over losing 9-1-1 position – MNJ Article

Quote from the MNJ article that can and will be substantiated.

“The lawsuit claims Cope “has a short-term memory loss disability that adversely affects her ability to run a city office that addresses public safety,” and said Hughes’ firing left the 9-1-1 center dangerously understaffed.”

It will be interesting for sure when they dig into this claim, especially since Ms. Cope lobbied for the current Mayor of Mansfield who in turn gave her this position, hmmm?

I have a friend downtown who can give more details, let me see what I can find out there and who comments on this site, where you will not be CENSORED!

Lori’s comment from article –  “Cope said Friday she had no comment on specific allegations Hughes made. “I have full confidence in the law director and his legal team and whoever else they bring in,” the safety-service director said.”  Sure she does, they are all chums from waaaay back. As the world turns here in Mansfield with prayers we can only hope once and for all this birds of a feather perversion of justice gets imploded. Surely more will come of this to draw the ATTENTION from the State and Feds to look into what is yet to come?
Keep your fingers crossed my friends, professional courtesy and immunity goes a long way here. How ever a 911 dispatcher of 28 years surely will have her share of ammo at her disposal. 
This Lawsuit, one of MANY still in the works surely has their heads spinning! Will it take as long as the following to get to the bottom of it? If the Supreme Court takes into account of the ties in all these Lawsuits they will finally get down to the root of corruption here?
If those who are sworn to protect us look into the ties, they will see CLEARLY who the birds who flock together are here? Between these 3 Lawsuits it will surely break the bank when insurance for these suits are cut off!
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  • John Hess · Top Commenter · Works at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant – Austin

    Sounds like Cope needs to be terminated ..short term memory loss and no qualifications.. evidently a gooood friend of the Mayors….
    That may be true John, but the Mayors have lost their foothold they had on the County thanks to “The FIRED APA SUPERVISOR”. Lori’s above statement that she is confident in her Attorney’s is valid for only one reason – “Immunity” those have who hold these positions. – PS
  • Bobby McGuire Sr. · Filler at School Specialty

    Being put on hold when you call them I’m pretty sure that’s not good and it normally mean there isn’t enough people there answering calls just saying

Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

complaining about being put on hold isn’t something a lot of people would do. My sister has been put on hold several times, once for over 4 minutes…must need more people in there.
It will certainly be interesting if Ms.Hughes gives up on her suit when they drag it to the Supreme Court, the other 2 above mentioned didn’t, so I hope she hangs in there and accepts NO DEALS!
This POWER they hold here needs exposed!


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