4 Must Watch video’s related to what’s going on in Oregon and how our justice system & U.S. Constitution is getting perverted!

Two of these videos are from what is transpiring in Oregon. They are powerful & informative. We have sent them to the sheriff. You may want this for your blog. It would be great to have Kris-Anne Hall teach & lecture here. Enjoy!
The first educational video explains Constitutional, Common Law and how we have been enslaved by words.

The second, a very powerful explanation by a Constitutional attorney of how we have been led to believe the corporations’ account of law as apposed to a functioning free & sovereign republic. –
KrisAnne Hall Constitutional Attorney Tells it like it is!

The third video shows how to properly & peacefully handle a situation when rights are encroached.

Historic Militia Moment! Heavily Armed Idaho 3 Percenters Roll Up On FBI Compound Burns Oregon

I strongly encourage everyone to watch. These are short & it is imperative for all to understand, if you don’t know your rights, you don’t have them

Here is a link to another short, informative video and down below is part of the transcript from Loretta Lynch’s tyrannous speech…

US Attorney General, US Cities, Join UN to Create Global Police Force Intiative

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Today’s Point To Ponder:
Yesterday, while we were distracted by Trump, Boehner, & Budgets, the DOJ along with several US Cities signed a Global Police Initiative with the United Nations.http://goo.gl/tnMITD
I couldn’t believe it when I saw it with my own eyes. I wonder will anyone talk about it today? Am I just mouthing “conspiracy?”
The transcript of Loretta Lynch’s speech tells us all we need to know.
At the UN headquarters in New York yesterday, New York, Minneapolis, Paris, Rotterdam, Montreal and 25 other cities around the globe joined the “Strong Cities Network.” This is a global initiative to fight “violent extremism” on the “local level.”
Get a preview of the KrisAnne Hall Show today where I talk about this in detail:http://goo.gl/tnMITD
Lynch says:
“It’s a pleasure to join such a distinguished group of world leaders on this historic occasion and it’s a privilege to represent the Obama Administration and the United States as we inaugurate this innovative, collaborative and critically important global effort.”
***Funny how the US Attorney General now represents the President’s administration before the United States. I missed that part in the Constitution. But that pales in comparison to this “innovative, collaborative…global effort.”****
“The government of the United States is fully invested in this collaborative approach and we have seen the value of empowering local communities by promoting initiatives they design and lead themselves.”
***Really? The government of the United States is fully invested? I wonder, is THIS what Americans want their tax payer dollars spent on? Where is Congressional outrage at this collaboration without their consent? I guess they actually DO consent…they are paying for it.***
“We have learned that open dialogue and consistent engagement with a wide range of constituents is essential to crafting strategies and forging partnerships that will address the full scope of the threats we face…And we have observed the need for a mechanism that will expand the most effective efforts to reach more people around the globe…
Until now, we have lacked that mechanism….through the Strong Cities Network that we have unveiled today, we are making the first systematic effort in history to bring together cities around the world to share experiences, to pool resources and to forge partnerships in order to build local cohesion and resilience on a global scale.
By connecting municipal leaders, facilitating information-sharing and providing training and other assistance where appropriate, the Strong Cities Network will help to fashion a global response to a global issue…
I want you to know that the Obama Administration is deeply committed to ensuring that the Strong Cities Network is as strong, vibrant and resilient as the cities it unites “
And you thought that the federalization of our police force was bad, wait until after the meeting in Paris in the Spring of 2016 when we get a GLOBALIZED POLICE FORCE.
Read Lynch’s full transcript http://goo.gl/64WL4T

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