305.04 Bond of county commissioners – oath of office. – Are you coming to the study group, lets talk about this shall we?

It appears through public records requests MORE fraud has been found, or maybe someone can go on the record here to advise why they believe the latest bonds given to the public are not a fraud on the people? Key components to make effective, says here a probate Judge approves, so WHY are OUR Commissioners having other Judges sign?, that’s NOT what the law clearly defines.

305.04 Bond of county commissioners – oath of office.

Before entering upon the discharge of his duties each county commissioner shall give bond, signed by a bonding or surety company authorized to do business in this state, or, at his option, by two or more freeholders having real estate in the value of double the amount of the bond over and above all encumbrances to the state, in a sum not less than five thousand dollars, the surety company to be approved by the probate judge of the county, the bond conditioned for the faithful discharge of the commissioner’s official duties, and for the payment of any loss or damage that the county may sustain by reason of his failure in such duties. Such bond, with the oath of office and approval of the probate judge indorsed thereon, shall be deposited with the county treasurer and kept in his office. The expense or premium for such bond shall be paid by the board of county commissioners and charged to the general fund of the county. Such surety may be discharged in the manner provided by section 2109.18 of the Revised Code for the release of sureties of guardians.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

Here are OUR Commissioners bonds, see any problems here?


Gary Utt Certificate not signed by Probate Judge Phil Mayor,signed by Common Pleas Heather Cockley? Not filed with the Clerk


Tim Wert Certificate not signed by Probate Judge Phil Mayor,signed by Common Pleas Judge DeWeese? Not filed with the Clerk


Marilyn Johns Certificate not signed by Probate Judge Phil Mayor,signed by Common Pleas Brent Robinson? – HMMM? – FILED WITH THE CLERK? – Why is it that 2 public records requests that 2 are not filed with the Clerk to make them effective, yet this one did? 

Regardless of what we say, the LAW ORC- 305.04 CLEARLY states their bonds be approved by probate due to their familiarity of the LAW these bonds are required for. The questions that remain would be…does this have any bearing on the integrity of the executive office and can they pass a budget that is lawful IF their bonds are not effective as the law requires. Since THEY refuse to go on the record and threaten to have you arrested during a public records request as a way to intimidate the continued search for frauds filed in our Clerks office, could this be a hint of how much fraud they can get away with if nobody is accountable? If these things are TRUE, can it be said the latest EMERGENCY SALES TAX INCREASE to be lawful? These are continued issues we the people need to know, how ever the office continues to block the people from asking questions in their weekly meetings. It was interesting they were asked about these bonds in meeting June 2nd, 2015 yet called for executive session in which they told meeting attendees with exception the dog warden they had to go, what? I wasn’t there, but this is what I was advised – people had to leave their meeting? Executive Session means the 3 heads (Commissioners) go offline to discuss and come to agreement (They Leave) then come back to render a decision, NOT tell everyone to leave with exception of the dog warden – what the hell is that? Waiting on the minutes of this meeting to see how it all went down, none the less NOT how executive session works! Surely like they think, its protected by sunshine law?



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8 Responses to 305.04 Bond of county commissioners – oath of office. – Are you coming to the study group, lets talk about this shall we?

  1. Phil says:

    What’s fantasy about questioning the politics of how fraud can go on for this long. Yes we need to BUST the MYTH, since we are familiar with the law and how fraud works maybe you can set the stage?
    I want YOU to setup a meeting ON THE RECORD, RANDY vs BAMBI no holds barred, let the cameras roll as these 2 duke it out. Hows that for BUSTING THE MYTH? – LETS GET THEM BOTH ON THE RECORD, let the law and issues fall where they may, then and only then will we get the TRUTH Let me or us know how that works out for you?
    Get this done and you and I can agree

  2. BRYAN says:

    now you need to file in FEDERAL COURT 42 tittle action, via Constitution Criminal Complaint 18 usc 3,4,241,242,1346,and much more, 120 days later you should have lawful standing to claim bond

  3. Byron Yambrisak says:

    Before coming g up with these stupid theories talking about near meaning less nuances of the law at the very least throughly read the code sited and the documents!!!!!!!!! No one signed the bond approval in these documents and the Judges signatures your talking about are certifying they administered the oaths of offoce!!!!!! And again the bonds and the oaths are filed with the Treasures Office again just like police records and most other records the Clerk of Courts has nothing to do with this!!!!!!!

    • Phil says:

      Byron E Yambrisak so you say ANYONE can talk to the Judge without going through the clerks office, how can that be? Secondly where on ANY of these certs where probate judge BY LAW signed off approved, I thought you were smarter than that?
      What I am finding with a few turncoats as of late this group was great when we gave attention to your issues, yet now when trying to get paid we are a problem interfering with the deal or so it appears? Surely as we all know IF fraud is stopped so does the getting paid the easy way. You know full well I am the Devils Advocate from way back, nothing had changed, we are STILL asking questions looking for answers for this is how we reach the TRUTH!
      I feel the truth here, and now your situation you can’t and won’t get paid for the railroad system that once convicted you and wrongfully put you in prison. I’m sorry if what we do is messing up the I need paid system, but the over all goal is to stop the system that allows or causes this to happen. How does it happen?, like here you believe there’s NO separation of powers and simply anyone can talk to a judge? Good luck with that as Randy Shepherd explains, and UNTIL I hear differently from the almighty authority on this issue, on the record we will continue to see what’s been here for years – CORRUPTION, yes rotten to the core lives???

  4. Byron Yambrisak says:

    First off the Clerk of Courts Office has nothing to do with these bonds they are filed with the Treasures Office a different office. Second the Probate Judge approves the actual bond. DeWeese and Cockles signed the Certificate of the Oath of Office they didn’t sign for the bond!! This is disheartening seeing this. You are allowing Randy to run this site in the ground with nonsense and his personal legal interpretation fantasies!

    • Phil says:

      How did the Judges signature appear on these documents if you know so much? You and I can’t address the judge without going through the clerks office. So what you are saying is the treasure can have any judge approve and since the treasure is another elected position they can bypass the clerk, is that what you are saying?
      Also I might add, whereas the probate judges approval, if not on the cert then where can it be found showing they approved?????

      Not judging, how ever inquiring minds want to know?

  5. The people need to ask ? How did Heather and James boyee sign something they never saw?? Its gotta go through our clerk to get to our judge. But nope someoen has forged the names of the Judges. Of course Heather is in tight wiht John Spon and his schemes to defraud the opublic.
    Telecommunucations fraud is a bitch but they admit it to our magistrates who plug an play with our judicial signatures?? that is whats happening people, squatters in office (no bonds) law directors who admit fraud in court, and of course a dead Prosecutor who admitted in court this regime is a racketeering influenced syndicate. Its all on the record but the sheriff is scare to enforce the laws. welcome to Gilligans Island Ohio,

  6. Phil says:

    Hope to see you at this months meeting – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/currentevents.html

    Drew Tyler of course you are invited, bring Bambi Couch page – IF you DARE go on the record that is…

    Now who’s ROTFLMAO – The people are watching – lol!

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