Once again…Another half story in the MNJ leaving readers confused & speculating “Deputy Frazier on paid leave again”

This outta be good!, anyone got any details? Once again we are left holding the bag with hope we will all begin to speculate. I’m starting to think this guy may be ok, and someone might want him out?

Deputy Frazier on paid leave again – Read story here! The MNJ Legal Counsel calls it copyright infringement for what they share for free? I can care less as long as the word gets out and the community can get past all this attention. Maybe the Community is looking more for Serve & Protect, rather than Harass & Arrest – “WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT THE TERRORISTS”


A Richland County Sheriff’s deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave for the second time in less than four months.

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  • Pam Sellards I just SMH!
  • Phil Sydnor David Burchfield
    Maybe the NFL needs to give him a contract,That would allow him to take out his frustrations and be paid for it.
    · 5 hours ago
    Joe Lyons
    In Feb 24, 2012 Deputy Jeff Frazier earned a special commendation from the Mansfield Police Department, that was the last time I seen him in the News… This write up makes it seem like he is in trouble all the time. Mopes are always saying anything they can to get even with an officer for being arrested.
    · 7 hours ago
    Susan Berger
    Also, Deputy Frazier has been in the paper enough that I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with him. Now if I were a criminal and he arrested me, what a perfect chance to make a claim like that and get back at him for arresting me.
    · 9 hours ago
    Susan Berger
    It’s really annoying when people who don’t know anything about a situation rush to judgement. Criminals claim that crap all the time, it’s just their way to try to get back at an officer who arrested their worthless butt.
    · 9 hours ago
    Joshua Ogle · Mansfield, Ohio
    It’s crazy how the news journal will always put the bad that an officer does on here, how about we put some of the good stuff this deputy and all the others that do good for the community, What about the count less lives he has saved or all the bags of shits he has taken off the streets. How about we give him and the other officers some credit for putting there lives on the line everyday to try to make it a better community to live in.
    · 9 hours ago
    Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company
    a fit thrower doesnt ever stop, they mask their rage, anyone can fool an exam for eval.
    · 9 hours ago
    Michael Shepherd · Madison High School
    We need to hear-down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier. Can the county really afford to keep a Deputy who can’t control himself on the job. How many reprimend’s does this man need to be called dangerous to he community. Those law suits get pretty big sometimes.
    · 11 hours ago
    Glenna James · Top Commenter · Works at Pittsburgh Glass Works imagine that………
    · 11 hours ago
    Pattie Thomas · Top Commenter
    Oh come on………….not again with these articles…..no wonder I use the paper for my ferrets litter pan.
    · 12 hours ago
  • Phil Sydnor Abuse of power or not we all know they can NEVER be prosecuted for it thanks to Professional Courtesy & Immunity, especially IF the one filing charges is a criminal. We do not know if the one here was a criminal or someone just getting threatened by the power this man holds? I find it odd that Ms Bergers comment above suggests the person filing these charges is a criminal, hmmm? You know what, I say you can’t have it BOTH ways! Meaning, how can you believe a criminal when they nark on others, but then don’t want to believe them when they turn on you? Surely there’s a little problem here we are not getting the entire story on, which is intentional when abuse of power is involved, or names would have been given. We all know if THEY think you’re guilty or if you are a past criminal they would put your name out there to choose sides, odd they didn’t in this case? (SMH is right)

This reminds me of when a friend sued the system twice because of Professional Courtesy & Immunity and the headline read blah, blah, blah sues again.

This is what happens all the time thanks to their thinking they are ABOVE the law, but then again like USUAL we have yet another story that leaves readers longing for more!

I had to write a blog, maybe someone will give us details knowing the MNJ won’t. This kind of lame reporting is what has the community in disarray not knowing who’s side to take. Thanks to the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR, FIRED CORRECTIONS OFFICER, and MANY others how can anyone take sides thinking these people are serving anyone else than their own agenda’s.

If you are going to side with calming the testosterone in the men of Richland County, you MUST be all inclusive, one would think? Then again, this is the County where the law depends on WHO YOU ARE!, and WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE!

Surely if this man is a “team player”, he’ll be back on the team in a jiffy! Then again there’s some of these guys even though trained to not get caught, get caught, one way or the other.

Can’t wait to hear what this is all about and who’s involved, we ALL know it DEPENDS on who has the friend highest on the food chain.

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