METRICH nets 21 pounds of pot; it’s not the Pot that concerns us! It’s those on parole who know they can get away with this.

METRICH nets 21 pounds of pot

Four handguns, cash, heroin, cocaine also seized in raid

I thought Drug Court was supposed to fix this little problem?

Oh well!, my guess is since there’s a NEW SHERIFF in town “APA SUPERVISOR” these people are no longer getting a free pass for favors? Even though I don’t see a problem with Pot; the Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, and other man made drugs do need to go!

None the less I hope this is a lesson to all the other parolees who have the balls to do this! Surely this one will learn like the others when slapped on the wrist, won’t get caught again???? (sarcasm)

My favorite quote; “Porch said it is unusual that somebody being on parole and subject to house checks would risk having that amount of narcotics and firearms in his residence.” Porch must be a NEW GUY?, this behavior was condoned by the prior regime that turned a blind eye to this. It’s about time they start doing their jobs, too many parolees not getting checked like they should. Now, the interesting part…will they send him to Prison, or find out where he’s getting the stuff? Surely got it from someone who assured if he’s caught, NOTHING will happen?

Jul. 19, 2013   |
Stimens Drive Drug Bust
Stimens Drive Drug Bust: Stimens Drive Drug Bust
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News Journal staff report
METRICH officers confiscated large amounts of suspected heroin, cocaine, marijuana, hand guns, cash and an assault style rifle from 34 Stimens Drive off South Main Street Thursday afternoon.
The Ohio Highway Patrol seized 30 pounds of suspected pot from a vehicle on Interstate 71 on Wednesday. / Submitted photo

Patrol seizes 30 pounds of suspected pot in Ashland County

ASHLAND — A man from Middleburg Heights faces felony drug charges after troopers with the Ashland post of the Ohio Highway Patrol seized 30 pounds of suspected marijuana in a traffic stop Wednesday night.
At 10:52 p.m., troopers stopped a 2013 Ford Taurus registered to a rental company for operating without tail lights on Interstate 71 South near milepost 187. Seeing “criminal indicators,” troopers requested a K-9 unit from the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. A search revealed drugs in the trunk, according to the patrol.
Felony charges for trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana, both third-degree felonies, and possession of Schedule IV Narcotics, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, are pending against Jason V. Powell, 35, of Middleburg Heights, according to the patrol. He is incarcerated at the Ashland County Justice Center.
The passenger, Robin Hill, 24, of Columbus, was released with no pending charges.
The marijuana has a street value of about $137,410. A total of $1,375 in cash also was seized from Powell, according to the patrol.
The patrol has made more than 1,891 felony arrests and 5,125 drug arrests this year.

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MANSFIELD — A raid at 34 Stimens Drive today netted 21 pounds of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, four handguns, an assault rifle and about $14,000 in cash, according to METRICH Commander Lt. Keith Porch.

Chaz Shifferly, age unavailable, was taken into custody, and is being held on a parole violation, Porch said.

Charges are pending, he said.

“Adult Parole Authority was doing a home visit to 34 Stimens Drive to a subject that was currently on parole. While conducting the home visit, two handguns were immediately observed in plain view on the couch,” Porch said.

Porch said a search warrant was issued and the duplex on the city’s south side was searched after Shifferly’s parole officer alerted law enforcement to possible drugs.

Members of the Adult Parole Authority, the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, Mansfield Police Department and the Richland County Sheriff’s Office worked with METRICH.

Porch said the raid was a substantial bust.

“It does reduce the availability of the heroin and marijuana in the community for a time,” Porch said.

Porch said it is unusual that somebody being on parole and subject to house checks would risk having that amount of narcotics and firearms in his residence.

Shifferly had hundreds of pairs of new tennis shoes and baseball caps in the duplex, police reported.
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  • Hugh Yonn · Top Commenter · Univ. of Kentucky

    Over 5000 drug arrests???
    What a waste of law enforcement time and resources.The worst experience I ever had with cannabis was spending 5 years in
    Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.

    I wrote about the escapades that led to my imprisonment. The book:

    Shoulda Robbed a Bank

    It’s available at I would be honored by your review.

  • Dana Edmonds · Top Commenter · University of Toledo

    I agree with you Hugh! Meanwhile there was a drive by shooting today in Mansfield!… 300,000 untested rape kits in America. If the people really knew the costof the drug war it would end tomorrow.
  • Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

    and the drug houses and their guns are a risk to the rest of us, they shoot at each other fighting over the drugs, or stealing them and gun fire erupts and the rest of us risk getting shot….lets see federal time wasn’t for a small offense, what aren’t you saying there? Theres not much cost now a days, with the forfeitures it almost pays for itself….you want druggies move em in with you and yours and you all take the risk.
  • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

    Jackbooted government thugs need to get real jobs instead of being societal parasites. They are nothing more than members of the biggest, most well funded, most powerful gang. Over a trillion dollars has been wasted on this idiotic drug war and it hasn’t done a thing but help to impoverish the everyday American, infringe upon their rights, make criminals out of a whole lot of people who haven’t hurt anyone, and make violent criminals out of a lot of other people who are forced to settle disputes on the street because they can’t settle them in court like the rest of us.Didn’t we learn anything from Prohibition? It doesn’t work.

    • Dana Edmonds · Top Commenter · University of Toledo

      50k per prisoner per year plus welfare and a brokehome for the kids!
      Reply · 2·

      · 9 hours ago

    • ***************************************************************************************************\
    • So much for drug court changing anything!

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