Funding dries up at food panty should be a question since it’s not mentioned here what funding was cut off?

Funding dries up at food pantry    link to MNJ

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 Last food pantry: Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church is suspending its food pantry because of finances. Mark Caudill/News Journal

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Mark Caudill
News Journal
Volunteer Adolph Briggs helps Grace Wilburn select frozen meat at the Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church food giveaway Friday afternoon. / Dave Polcyn/News Journal

MANSFIELD — Shirleen Goldsmith lamented the end of the food pantry at Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church.

“That’s going to affect a lot of people,” she said. “It was good while it lasted.”

Friday was the last day — at least temporarily — for Mount Hermon’s food pantry on the city’s north side. The operation is out of money.

“It costs about $500 a month to operate the pantry,” said Demone Shoulders, Mount Hermon’s food pantry director.

When the pantry opened in 2008, the cost was $200 a month. Transportation costs have increased three times since then.

Shoulders said the pantry served 250 to 300 people and provided enough food for a week.

“The recurring comment we heard was the food pantry allowed them to buy medicine (since food issues were satisfied),” he said. MP – Let’s be real shall we? – Many are drug addicts and drunks who don’t want a job, in MANY cases you are only enabling them all the while masking an ever growing oppression by a local Government that’s NOT DOING IT’S JOB to create work for everyone! IF I can suck it up and survive working at what some have called a menial job supporting a family of 3, then so can the many who abuse this charity!

More of this will be coming as MORE funding is cut off, we the working class are tapped out and surely those who work for us will not make the cuts necessary for operations to resume as normal. Do you know why?, many of us are now at the ranks where we no longer viable tax payers because we don’t make enough (poverty wages). If the local Government don’t fix this soon even though the story didn’t mention where the funding here came for this, more to follow unless they tax those making less more! NONE of the current operations will survive if and when the Fed cuts off the money making machines!

If you are not awakened by this, you will never awaken – PERIOD!, it’s time to take this Country back by getting folks back to work!

Four freezers were stocked Friday. Each person who stopped by got two pieces of meat.

Victory Price, 51, was one of the regulars. He selected chicken and pork tenderloin.

“Without this, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. “The price of meat is so high.”

Before she left, Goldsmith asked Shoulders when the pantry would reopen.

“Not until times get better,” he said.

Other local pantries reported more promising news.

“We’re doing just fine,” said Tim Ringler, office assistant at the Salvation Army. “We’ve got some very active community partners.”

Ringler, who does the cooking for the food pantry, said 500 to 600 families are served by the Salvation Army. He recommended calling 2-1-1 to get the latest updates on available food pantries and hot meals.

At Catholic Charities, people can come back every 30 days.

“We are a member agency of the Cleveland Food Bank, and we get donations,” said administrative assistant Rita Lemley. “We try to get a little bit out of each of the food groups. It’s based on the number of people in the household.”

Lemley said Catholic Charities allows people to select their own food.

In 2012, the food pantry served 11,654 people. Catholic Charities is on pace to pass that number this year.

Through May, 5,424 people obtained food from the pantry.

“We see an increase every year,” Lemley said.

Anita Williamson, secretary at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church, said the food pantry there serves more families all the time.

“We purchase quite a bit of food from the Cleveland Food Bank,” she said.

Prayer and Praise Christian Network has food pantries on Koogle Road and Springmill Street. The one on Koogle Road features more produce.

“It has turned into more of a farmers market,” said Susan Walker, president of Prayer and Praise Christian Network.

Walker added the Koogle Road location has become a mobile pantry in which the organization pays only for the delivery of food.
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Others who have not had funding cut off, for what ever reason since Mark did not mention in his story? ; Things that make you say hmmm??????

Richland County food pantries• Abundant Life Tabernacle
1085 Bedford Blvd.
• Berean Baptist Church
2145 Middle Bellville Road
• Catholic Charities
523 Park Avenue East
• Grace Episcopal Church
41 Bowman St.
• Hesed Agape Church
1034 Walcrest Drive
• Lexington Area Food Pantry
220 Industrial Drive, Lexington
• Mosaic Church
296 Park Avenue West
• Prayer and Praise Christian Network
1095 Koogle Road
• Prayer and Praise Christian Network
Gateway Resource Center
486 Springmill St.
• Salvation Army
47 S. Main St.
• St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church
1262 Ashland Road
• Volunteers of America
280 N. Main St.
• First Lutheran Church
33 Broadway, Shelby
29 ½Walnut St. (rear), Shelby
• Plymouth/Shiloh
26 Mechanics St., Shiloh
• The Outlet — Faith United Methodist Church
1574 Ohio 96 East (across from Crestview Schools)
• Diamond Hills Baptist Church
647 S. Diamond St.
• Ridgeway First Church of God
1380 Park Avenue East
• Woodville Grace Brethren Church
580 Woodville Road
• Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center
84 Main St., Bellville
• Lucas Area Food Pantry at Mount Zion Lutheran Church
4065 Mount Zion Road, Lucas

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