1 of the top 10 influential women in Richland County Business, should make Drew Tyler proud?

Yes, Drew Tyler proclaims to be a successful business owner too, now that’s rotflmao! You gotta love these self proclaimed successful narcissists. You play with reality “MP” you will get burned! Hows that for CON-troll, get it?


June 20th 2015 Article in the MNJ…

Mary K. Bolin, president, My Town Partners LLC


Mary Bolin

Since June 2010, Bolin has been president of My Town Partners LLC, a staffing and educational specialist for Mansfield and surrounding areas.

***History IF the News Journal did any research would indicate otherwise for this one, good friends with Marylin John, hmmm?

TempOhio* TempForce* MyTownPartners* anyone on a blacklist? 😄

Been having some money issues, how ever no liens like the latest!

How to make most successful list, oops! Drew Tyler wouldn’t get caught?

Appears a 941 Tax lean was filed May 24th in the tune of $582,353.44
I wonder if the mouthpiece Drew Tyler knows this yet? They should being this top successful woman in the community is good friends with Marylin John, hmmm? Surely like usual Drew will get the news here! Yes, EVERYONE knows how the good old boy club works?

Speaking of I hear star witness M.John is on vacation this week, preping her to get their Story straight when the Mike Skidmore trial starts Monday?

oddly enough no other witnesses have been CONtacted? Must be because Marylin John made the top 10 list most influential?

Drew Tyler must be helping with the website?


Seems this “successful” business owner has a problem with money, must be a friend of Drew Tyler’s? We will never know being Drew uses an underground alias so their background can’t be checked, now that’s ROFL!

Screenshot_2016-06-03-07-53-02-1Courtview link

Don’t worry about the exposure, like any unsuccessful business in Mansfield you can always change the name and start over! (smile)

Temp Agencies, SMH??? They are a JOKE!!!!

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