Mansfield Ohio Police Chief says crime is lowest it’s been in a decade?

“That is a true collaboration between community members, city officials and the police department working together. Everybody is really trying to give their best effort to suppress crime, and those efforts are really starting to pay off.”

Read more here @ Richland Source

Mansfielders are saying it can’t be right, so what they probably mean is crime is down locally within our police forces, havent seen much crime out of them since starting a watchdog group as MNJ called it along with creating a Wall of Shame here.

Drew Tyler says we the community  haven’t done a thing and needs proof. Well pal, here it is, and it’s not found in your rag tag News Urinal.

This will certainly anger Drew, can’t wait for them to refute us on their copycat hate the truth page here.


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So, did this man escape or was he accidentally released????

I guess we won’t know for sure unless he’s captured alive. I think we know what may happen here if he don’t turn himself in he can be murdered and they will get away with it!

Two very different stories, go figure!

Click on photos and read the differing Perspectives????

You gotta love the HEADLINES LOL!




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Mark Levin with Tom Coburn and Mark Meckler on Convention of States.

The hater of this blog is in denial of the truth in NEWS and how it is perceived and has gone as far as making claims they are some kind of puppet master? Well, my friend’s puppet masters no more with the revolution of Convention of States is upon us. Time to wake up and take back this Country with getting back to our roots, surely what scares Hillary and WHY Trump won the last election.

Mark Levin, Life Liberty, and Levin w/ Tom Coburn & Mark Meckler – The FULL STORY HERE!

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What “they” don’t want you to know about money, Black Pilled on Facebook. Hmmm?

Little paper rectangles, what you need to know…


Video by Black Pilled

What They Don’t Tell You About Money

How much do you know about the United States? I bet you think we won our freedom from Britain in the Revolutionary War, don’t you?

Post #1 –

These documents are NOT secret. They ARE a matter of Public Record. Here are truthful facts most people do not know… but should.

1. The IRS is Not a US government agency. It is an agency of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Diversified Metal Products v I.R.S et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391)

2. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is an agency of the U.N. (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed. page 816)

3. The United States has NOT had a Treasury since 1921 (41 Stat. Ch 214 page 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Presidential Documents Volume 24-No. 4 page 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-2887)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States! No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of bankruptcy it is finally over. (Executive Order 12803)

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the U.S. government, even though the “U.S. Government” held stock in the agencies. (U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239)

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the U.N. through the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 Form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 forms and not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who publishes them while the old form states they are “Department of the Treasury”. (20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111 Subpart B. 422.103 (b))

8. There are NO Judicial Courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat 138-178)

9. There have NOT been any judges in America since 1789. There have just been administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1 Stat. 138-178)

10. According to GATT (The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) you MUST have a Social Security number. (House Report (103-826)

11. New York City is defined in Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Guiliani stated on C-Span that “New York City is the capital of the World.” For once, he told the truth. (20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111, subpart B 44.103 (b) (2) (2) )

12. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619 Steward Co. v. Davis 301 US 548)

13. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is an agency of the United Nations. (It says “U.S. Department of Treasury” at the top left corner, which again is part of the U.N. as pointed out above)

14.You own NO property!!! Slaves can’t own property. Read carefully the Deed to the property you think is yours. You are listed as a TENANT. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)

15. The most powerful court in America is NOT the United States Supreme court, but rather the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 PA. C.S.A. 502)

16. The King of England financially backed both sides of the American Revolutionary War.. (Treaty of Versailles-July 16, 1782 Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

17. You CANNOT use the U.S. Constitution to defend yourself because you are NOT a party to it! The U.S. Constitution applies to the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, a privately owned and operated corporation (headquartered out of Washington, DC) much like IBM (International Business Machines, Microsoft, et al) and NOT to the people of the sovereign Republic of the united States of America. (Padelford Fay & Co. v The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

18. America is a British Colony. The United States is a corporation, not a land mass and it existed before the Revolutionary War and the British Troops did not leave until 1796 (Republica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774)


20. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)

21. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1, 53-54)

22. A 1040 Form is for tribute paid to Britain (IRS Publication 6209)

23. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1495 & 1493)

24. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of millions of people.(Papal Bulls of 1455 & 1493)

25. The Pope’s laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix, c. vii, n. 4. Prati, 1844 Syllabus Prop 28, 29, 44)

26. We are slaves and own absolutely nothing, NOT even what we think are our children. (Tillman vs. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten vs. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 438 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)

27. Military dictator George Washington divided up the States (Estates) in to Districts (Messages and papers of the Presidents Volume 1 page 99 1828 Dictionary of Estate)

28. “The People” does NOT include you and me. (Barron vs. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 32 U.S. 243)

29. It is NOT the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect THE CORPORATION and arrest code breakers. (SAPP vs. Tallahassee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, REiff vs. City of Phila. 477 F. 1262, Lynch vs. NC Dept. of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247)

30. Every thing in the “United States” is up for sale: bridges, roads, water, schools, hospitals, prisons, airports, etc, etc… Did anybody take time to check who bought Klamath Lake?? (Executive Order 12803)

31. “We are human capital” (Executive Order 13037) The world cabal makes money off of the use of your signatures on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, your social security number, etc.

32. The U.N. – United Nations – has financed the operations of the United States government (the corporation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) for over 50 years (U.S. Department of Treasury is part of the U.N. see above) and now owns every man, woman and child in America. The U.N. also holds all of the land of America in Fee Simple.

On Facebook now!


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Justice for Brian coming soon!

Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Dan Polster released an order that allows the estate of Brian Garber to proceed to trial against Richland County Deputies Raymond Frazier, James Nicholson, and Andrew Knee, who shot and killed him, according to a news release from the attorneys representing Brian Garber’s estate.

More here…

Federal judge orders trial of Richland County deputies |





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The Corrupt in Richland County are under investigation, tick tick tick. More to come!

Hi Phil! How is it going? Any progress with finding proof of Drew Tyler’s real identity? I know for a fact someone (and I’m 99% positive it was Eichinger) was emailing back and forth with Jim Wetzel. I made another public records request to RCSO and received in the cd were emails between Wetzel and the RCSO. Just thought I would fill you in. – It appears others are now on to who’s behind the Drew Tyler account, thank you, Drew thinks their Philly dilly is alone when in reality their supporters on their hate page have ran not wanting anything to do with what’s to come!

Richland County Ohio corruption is coming to a head. Yes, tick tick tick.

Look, its Byron the prostitute stalker lol. And ooooh am I supposed to be intimidated because you called me by my last name…at least I have the balls to post on here under my real name. And guess what, as always your wrong, I have never been known as “gambi” or anyone else before Facebook. As far as Phil Sydnor goes, he contacted me asking me to join his Mansifeld Perspectives FB and well seeing who his acquaintences are on there, namely loses like you…I decided that I would pass. Don’t get upset Byron because you are facing criminal charges for stalking a prostitute and that says a lot about your “manliness” when a woman who gets paid for her services won’t give you hers lol. You can go back to Mansfielders Perspective FB page now because your opinions are as they always are and will be…worthless…just like you are. Let us know how your criminal case comes out. By the way, as I did before…you are dismissed.

“You are dismissed” for now lol! It’s amazing what one can find in public records, aka emails lol! 

You can find more to dismiss here!


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Cuyahoga Judge orders convict at sentencing mouth taped shut.

Gives NEW meaning to the only right you have is the right to remain silent?

It’s a sad day in this Country when a man can’t speak on his own behalf, regardless to the crime. After all he was getting sent away for many many years. Wow!

Follow link below for more on this story!

Cuyahoga County judge orders man’s mouth taped shut during sentencing

Say what you will in comments below.

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Intoxicated Crawford County Deputy facing abduction charges.

GALION – A Crawford County deputy sheriff accused of pulling a gun on a woman while he was drunk now faces six years in prison, court records show.

More here on the Drunken Deputy! 

Dying on the vine the hater says??!!

Well that was until this! 😂😂😂😂


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Richland County Commissioners fight to keep perverted justice system intact!

State backpedals on $600K funding cut after commissioner complaints.

What the County Commissioners really mean? We can’t lost our pet personal perverted justice system!

Yes, this PSI system is unconstitutional and how they pervert justice to keep conviction rates perfect as well as funding to run their probation camps! We are safer with many they make deals with in prison than letting them play the system on probation.

Everyone knows how corrupt our no justice system is, and this is what finds it!

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Mansfield Ohio to spend nearly half a million on safety?

Why? When your school system gets an F year after year your priorities are messed up! – Who’s shocked by yet another money grab when education is not the focus?

MANSFIELD – School board members voted unanimously Tuesday to spend $430,000 for a school-safety project.

Read ALL about it here…

Mansfield schools spend $430K on safety measures


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