What’s so wrong with inquiring minds? What’s so wrong with the search for the TRUTH?


I had an anonymous friend share this very compelling Youtube video in my Mansfielders Perspective Group that I thought was worth the share here. I believe there is a lot of TRUTH to this, oddly enough as we search who we are does it first not start with who we say we are and what we say as true? The truth is telling it like it is, outside the box and arguing these facts. I have always loved how others want to CONtrol others perspectives and minds by NOT ALLOWING certain individuals to ask questions. These TRUTHS aka questions have become evident in the modern day of communication and ability to record these events. How ever, even these recordings can be manipulated or taken out of context to net a certain result in the minds of humans, is it easily attained to fool everyone? I say no being I can speak for myself when others disagree! The interesting part of those who disagree with others perspectives or questions why do they have to be anonymous? To be truly out of the box as this video suggests, should we not question it and the one sharing the perspective anonymously? The true mystery is CONtrol and why the CONtrol is mostly unknown without due diligence. I am a FIRM believer in data integrity, and IF the data is not your own can it really be trusted? Watch the video, share your perspective as usual, its always interesting who may challenge your thoughts or try to reel you back into their box of. CONtrol. Usually anonymous, terrorists, or WAR mongers – The TRUTH is the GOD in which is in each & everyone that can only be Judged by who we really are? Are YOU who you really are is the question? The TRUTH is…DON’T BE A DREW TYLER, one who proclaims to be a success in their own mind, but fear to be truly who they are.

TICK TICK TICK – The goal in the end is the TRUTH & the way, that’s my Perspective and I am sticking to it! You say? Of course you will say nuts because I am founder of truth & Constitutionally sound. Peace!

I will leave you this follow up video on the subject from my anonymous friend Terry Andrews. What do you think, can we achieve our own World or simply follow the leader? A very interesting Perspective as we search to enlightenment, the TRUTH is coming, and YES…it starts with YOU being true to who you are, my slogan…Don’t be a Drew!




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