What defines Affordable Healthcare?

If you are paying nearly $90/wk just to have insurance, a $10,000 family deductible and making the average $42,000/yr anything beyond glasses every 2 years, and 2 dental cleanings a year per member is scary!

Right out of the gate your income is $37,320. Take $9600 yr/food, $12000 yr/shelter, $2400 yr/utilities, 10% entertainment & charity another $4200 and what do you have? $9120, and that’s not including taxes and auto/home insurance. Just think if your one of the many making $10k less than average.

These are ALL averages found on the web, anyone finding it worse?

The kicker today is healthcare IF you cannot afford a procedure instead of payments you must take out a loan, yes loan! Recently we found with our $10,000 deductible to have a $6,000 procedure done you either pay for the work upfront, or you take out a loan, mind you the healthcare provider has their own at a gouging 14% interest.

Getting ill is far from affordable, say you, what’s your experience?

Forced to live paycheck to paycheck without a savings with this kind of inflation is nuts.



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