Was Drew Tyler recently exposed by one of their own?

It appears YES would be the answer by how quickly this account was shut down on this MP copycat “uncensored” page.

Uncensored until the truth comes out?

Tick tick tick, I wonder what happens when they cry to every law enforcement agency about this page? If this poster is right, and it’s ran by a Richland County Deputy it’s probably NOTHING, why?

It would EXPOSE the truth I have known all along, so that won’t happen, right?

Funny how Drew Tyler suddenly went silent after this!

Surely now that Mansfields best and brightest are now involved we will soon know who the Drew Tyler gang is?

3 Suspects narrowed down already! 👍

Tick tick tick.

Since Drew Tyler calls this “fair use” being the pics are made public by Facebook, what’s your thoughts being it was reported this is my Drew Tyler who has been stealing my pics as a way to harass and intimidate! Fair use????

Or Wall of Shame?

If this should not be, neither should this!




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One Response to Was Drew Tyler recently exposed by one of their own?

  1. Phil says:

    What’s funny is this fake account quit running their mouth mysteriously once their identity was exposed!
    Look, no more Drew, at least one that will prove who they are?

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