Vote for candidates who will protect U.S. Constitution

The reason our country is in perilous times is in 1 Timothy 6-10: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” We see time and again, candidates promising us they will follow God and the Constitution when elected, they then conveniently forget the promise.

Congress must analyze every bill it passes for its constitutionality. Of course, we then would have to analyze each member to decide if they know what the Constitution is, and if they are indeed Constitutional scholars, because they must pass only constitutionally correct bills.

Government abuse goes way back, not just under the following: Obama, Bush 1 & 2 and Clinton. Listed below are a few abuses: Free trade deals, all wars since World War II, Congress robbing Social Security Fund, The Patriot Act, spy drones in U.S and spying on us in our own homes, ObamaCare, allowing the United Nations to remain in U.S., Homeland InSecurity, raising the debt ceiling several times, no budget after three and a half years, almost $16 trillion in debt. “Fast and Furious,” which backfired. was meant to cause enough harm so they could start to disarm the American citizens.

(The only thing stopping the One Worlders taking over is the U.N.’s constitution, which is the Communist Manifesto, all of the planks are in place except the plank to take away guns. They will use the next disaster to try to complete that plank.)

Four or five more free trade deals just signed, bailing out banks, automobile industry, etc., stopped drilling for oil in the Gulf, then sent $3 billion to Brazil to drill for oil there, 11 CIA and five military personnel caught with hookers in Columbia, Obama signed EO allowing his goons to assassinate U.S. citizens.

In 1803 “Marbury v. Madison” the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] ruled “a law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.” This is the final act to stop this treason.

We must pray for God to help us elect honorable patriots in November.

Virginia Brooks


Thank you Virginia, the folks of Mansfield have to be the first responders and take care of getting rid of those here first who abuse the Constitution using a perverted justice system!. It gives those who are supposedly here to serve & protect a thing THEY call Professional Courtesy and/or Immunity which makes it nearly impossible to get rid of them. If you follow us on you will find and see what I mean. We are exposing who the tyrants of Mansfield are, and you will to by the end of this summer!. They are folding up and infighting to a point it will be hard for them to keep it out of the news.

Have a great day, I shared your letter on my sites blogs. Peace!

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