Tygers stripped of OCC crown; Yes, but not for this reason from what I’m hearing!

After you read the story here.

Lets discuss the TRUTH here…

I received a call this morning advising there’s 2 tales to this story! The other being a Madison boy who couldn’t make the grade who had all D’s being transferred to Mansfield to play ball when suddenly his D’s went to A’s & B’s???? I also heard there were teachers and BOE members who knew of the scam! Maybe with a blog pointing this out we can get to some real investigating into this matter?

Rotten to the Core Lives, and it starts within the schools where are kids are taught at a very young age how the corruption/cover up game is played.

Say it’s not so and I’ll get a source for information on where I got this stuff, too bad once again we have a report in our local paper that differs much from what’s on the streets!

Maybe one of Mansfields faithful can come here to refute what’s being said, surely comments on the MNJ are getting monitored to where you won’t read it there?

Post away my knowledgeable friends – keeping it real will more than likely warrant more personal attacks on craigslist by those who would love to give you false witness on character. The characters we all know, the funny part is they don’t have what it takes to refute it here!

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