The Richland County Fair, it’s all about PR & Politics

Just ask Marylin John about her part in a security guard drawing his weapon on a citizen recording their version of how public meeting are held. Yes Tim Wert and Gary Utt were removed for their part in conducting an illegal meeting July 9th 2015 in 2016, now it’s time to get Marylin out in 2018. PR stunts like this are over, it’s time to get real! We need folks in office who work for all of us, not just their special interests selling us out. The days of too big to fail are over, it’s time for Main St to yes take back their community. Donald Trump certainly would not endorse Ms John. Shelby voted to get her out of Shelby, now they gotta do their part to get her out of the County!

If you noticed, isn’t is funny the one doing the story was fired by Children Services (Carl Hunnel). Interesting how “professional courtesy” and “brothers keeper” works in our local political world.

Say you? Drew claims nobody comments, show the “we” clan that you can.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Drew Tyler is a douche.

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