The Philly hater hates Trump too! Now you know what THEY are about?

Copy & Paste is not to take credit for news of deception, but to refute it. So let’s make that very clear our cowardly friend, if you were half as brave as you claim you would face your fears, Philly!

The TRUTH is coming out on this Liberal turd – tick tick tick.

You don’t mess with Americans and their families, that’s unless you do it under the protection of a few corrupt Government Officials, but that’s changing under Trump and Drew baby can’t stand it.

Yes, I unblocked this punk in hope they continue their smear campaign with the real deal instead of their puppet, this way they will get what they hope for?

Nobody wants to stop you, all we want is for you to face your fear, the Philly!

Tick tick tick, now that your unblocked let’s see how brave you are now that your savior retired and you have nobody left to protect you.


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