The MNJ says if you fidget, sweat, or have strong body odor the Feds are onto you lol!

That’s quite the opposite for citizens who attend public meetings. This is what public officials do when they run into citizens like they did in 2015 who had more questions than they were willing to answer on the record before having their security guards take one citizens camera.

Yes it’s true, you even have to request permission to attend a meeting and submit your questions in writing before you are allowed to attend. Surely there’s more, this is all that comes to mind from this event I witnessed.

None the less the following story had me reflect on what they constitutes as terrorist behavior, that’s exactly what I thought of those who supposedly work for us. Interesting none the less!

Have you gained or lost weight? Congrats, TSA is now tracking you for suspicious activity.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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