The MNJ reports; Woman sentenced in Social Security theft

Woman sentenced in Social Security theft

“She failed to report her husband’s income, and she failed to report that she was married,” Hartzler said. “Someone contacted the fraud hotline, and the inspector general got involved.”  When will we START holding their case workers responsible for not doing the jobs we pay them to do, surely there were flags or hoops she had to jump through to be approved?

Once again it takes a citizen to take a stand, but keep in mind the many more who get away doing the same very thing. IF they would only use the NSA to spy on those who live on handouts and entitlements this wouldn’t be a problem, but the RISK, what is there if they only get 1 year in prison, 3 years probation, and restitution that only means they be desperate when they get out and take the risk again making them a more dangerous criminal next time. How you STOP the madness, LIFE in prison until they meet their maker. Some will say where’s my compassion?, I say my compassion is at least they have their hands, so maybe we could give them a choice; Life or hands????  

  • Kathleen Hartman · Cardinal Brennan High School

    The sad thing is, that there are thousands of people just like her that will never get caught ! – That’s because this fraud against the people is intentional and well calculated, penalize these people HARD and you’ll see more quit doing it. In tough times people are desperate to scam the system while others who need it don’t even try, hmmm?
  • Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

    now go after all drug dealers and their babys mommas who get housing vouchers while enjoying the fruits of all that extra money. And the ones who move boyfriends in and or other people, while raking in the money from them and the housing, food and medical, all the while living high off the hog. Or the one who has a dog groomer pull up each month to wash the pit bull, whose assets far exceed the 10 hours she supposedly makes each month. Ya ya in due time while real needy people have to wait.
    First Peggy they should go after all the companies that don’t pay people good enough who have to supplement their income with these programs. You have to love those who accept what Corporate Welfare is teaching folks – lol! “
    CORRUPTION BREEDS CORRUPTION – PERIOD, we live in a corrupt society, End of times.
    • Robert L. Eichof · Top Commenter

      Could we add to you list people that post here on everything thinking that they have the knowledge to do so? Having th right to post is not the same as posting being the right thing to do Queen Of Mean! Robert must be one of those who think the only right you have is the right to remain silent? God works in mysterious ways, surely you don’t condone this behavior, do you Robert?
       You don’t really tell it like it is until you tell it here…
      The MP wants to know, what’s your take on this?



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