The latest being flagged on craigslist, Now who ROTFL? (Feb.24,2014)

Flagged within minutes, say BIG BROTHERS not watching – LOL!!!!!!


This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]

Somebody needs attention – 45

age : 45

The hilarious part is…

They only get it on craigslist. Sounds like a woman scorned to me, if your not one who works for us who thinks they are above the law, then why do you care about the MP Website? That site has nothing, I mean nothing in regards to private citizens on it other than the frauds that are committed in Mansfield and surrounding areas because of what happens in Mansfield. You must have some kind of personal agenda if you don’t work for the people. I agree with the last poster who said who cares about Phils priors which appears you know little about. I belong to the group as well and yet to see anyone banned because of a differing of opinions. I have seen the discussions where folks disagree!, Phil keeps them working together as we all know dissension is what those who work for us want. These are distractions from their agenda of tearing down our Country!
Hang in there people, they are about to admit how broke they are as we the people know how to sustain without assistance.

FYI – Like the poster who left on their own, the only ones I have seen removed are not because of a differing of views, but rather causing dissension among the group with radical views using a fake account. If you can be validated like everyone there you will see the other deceptive anonymous poster is nothing but a fraud and a troll. Surely if all nearly 300 members were Phil and they were reported to facebook they could shut him down. Not happening, and once again proves his opposing anonymous poster here is nothing but a fraud.

As far as the credit apps, it was a challenge for him to get a bonus for extra cash where he works which is how most people earn a living WITHOUT assistance which once again you were lied to about, unless of coarse you mean his getting back more than he pays in taxes by a system not designed by him. If you want this man to pay taxes then maybe you should quit with the scare tactics that your personal information with him as a criminal something to worry about. Have you read the news lately? The place where he works has caught the last 2 frauds bestowed upon Ontario should give good reason your identity is safe where he works, and not as portrayed here by some sociopath who hides behind a keyboard. IF someone wants your personal info. today, all they they need is your name and a government website like the Richland County Auditors where you live is public info.

You got your daily fraud in, and once again have been debunked – you want to know the truth? Join the group where you’ll learn more there than what you learn in the local news – TRUTH!

The one who can’t do anything is the one who posts their redundant poppycock of a guy who keeps it real. Want real answers, join and find out for yourself 🙂

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This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]

Guess what? – 18

age : 18

I heard this Phil guy smoked pot back in the day – wooooooooohhhhh

The way I see it is…

If this person who hates his past or what he’s done, why did they not know this? That would be a deal breaker if he were to ever run for office – NOT!

God made everything perfect, right? So Phil must be perfect – lol!

Only if you’re a friend of the family of politics are these things ok, have you seen his wall of shame?

I seen people there…

who lied under oath, retired under disability
got intoxicated on a supposedly day off, stalked ex-wife, fired by the state, yet able to get work as a mall cop???
one who stole money from kids to play fund slapped on the wrist by a 10 commandments Judge??
one who forged id cards and badges for people who were not police officers, still works as investigator for RC coroner

yet Mr/Mrs anonymous wants you to be afraid of a private citizen who was never convicted of a crime before a judge and peers – lol!

Now, lets see who hammers the flag button, shall we?


PS – I love checking this DUMB ASS who hides behind a keyboard – TROLL ALERT!

Now come in here as your 3rd person and say STOP! – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

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