The FBI can’t be trusted, yet we trust the BCI and their Conspiracy theory?

Yes, in 2015 we had our own misleading news break and conspiracy theory shared by our own local snooze journal. Paid article or simply less that stellar investigative reporting? Yes, this news along with the fake news Mr Skidmore and others were told to leave a public meeting were false reports stemming from this incident.  So much on this day I find it hard to believe this non proven story taken down?

Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight


6:23 am EDT July 22, 2015
Shared in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook where all fake news is debunked!
Tick tick tick,.will we ever know the truth behind why citizens were attacked in a public meeting? The question remains, what were public officials trying to hide from these citizens, if you have followed this story you see there are still questions that need answered.

Update: Sheriff’s Office States They Intentionally Shot at Mike Skidmore

The above story is also interesting being one of the fellas involved (Matt Mayer) was planning on running for Sheriff and why he more than likely was defiant when asked who he was when he said later down the road you will know? My guess is when the YouTube video Mr Skidmore shared from that incident is when they planned the July 9th 2015 attack?

Tell us what you think in a comment below. Drew Tyler’s waiting?????

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