The Drew Tyler MP copycat talking to themselves again, talk about cookoo for Coco puffs?

Stalking claims among other claims that fall under cyber stalking & harassment of the truth! Maybe Drew Tyler would like to prove their claims beyong a page nobody else wants a part of, why?

Cause tick tick tick…

1 – Poor Drew Tyler has no clue what’s coming after censoring Philly dilly on their uncensored page that died. I see they also fear getting in the ring with Philly! They can’t be afraid of a woman beater cause that accusation is what they will soon be defending that will put an end to their fake news page!

2 – FYI, a pothole tax imposed on ones wages when one can’t vote is taxation without representation dummy! Surely the dummy meant I shouldn’t have to pay just because I use the roads? I work there yes, and no I can’t vote on the tax either, let those who can vote pay for it! Besides, with their logic to be a fair tax based on who uses them should not be imposed on those who work there, but EVERYONE who USES the roads keeping in mind many who work there are barely getting by the way it is, just ask Drew who claims on their page we are just menial workers begging for scraps!

So let’s address this like a real elected official should by the logic to tax those who work instead of everyone who uses the roads? Put up a toll booth, have a fund raiser for to voluntarily get the money, cause it’s unconstitutional to tax ones income when they can’t vote! The cool part is…Romanchuk got the money, did council there not see this? Damn double dippers, Drew must want another paid vacation by those they claim are menial working pigs, hmmm?

Romanchuk money, forget the tax!

3 – You call it stalking, I call it building a case with due diligence against your false claims and deception to those who actually read, post, and comment in a group you fear to join and refute. As I have also said for years it takes time to legally expose a Drew Tyler, and now you know…tick tick tick is here, see you soon!

Funny thing is when your buddies who have protected you for years go down as well. Your crying about those on the Wall of Shame while making false claims on your page have finally caught up to you when you snapped claiming fair use on pics from my personal Facebook you are blocked from. How do people know this now? As you see above I am commenting on your page and your dumbass don’t know it!

Now that’s ROTFLMAO tick tick tick is here, and when a restraining order is put on you any relation you have as a Government employee are over!

Peace, see you soon, and yes knowing you still STALK this blog you now know you have and will be served.

Good luck!


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