The difference between Philly & Drew Tyler success!

After reading this psychology of money article I could help thinking about my narcissistic sociopath Drew Tyler that claims success while this poor Philly character has never made the claim angers this Drew Tyler character on a regular basis. Actually, Philly has managed to keep them angered for nearly a decade, so how do we put a value of self esteem on money? That sounds absolutely ridiculous! If Drew Tyler has money as they claim, why are they bothered by one who doesn’t share the same success, is it a meer differing if perspectives on what success and self esteem really are? Who are these silly psychologists that believe such a poppycock story?

The day Philly believes this made up Drew Tyler character has established any success they will first…

Have to face their fears, Philly dilly lol!

They claim all Philly does is tick tick tick, when the truth is tick tick tick.

Time is on the side of Philly’s success! What do I mean by that? Well, IF Drew Tyler’s self esteem depends on their success, we all know why they fear the Philly! Their success depends on their ridicule of their made up characters in their fantasy world hiding behind a keyboard while Philly is out free where they don’t dare tread.

Tick tick tick my fictitious fake news character, success in my opinion does depend on self esteem. The esteem you will never face your fears, the truth and/or Philly.

See you soon?

So much self esteem they use a head hanging down eagle as they should.

Now this is roflmao!

Meet my success here lol!

Yep, that’s the epitome of success???

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