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Trump Tells It Like It Is in Ohio – Lewis Center Rally

Trump; “You Are The Elite” Comment Below your thoughts

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Donald Trump & Philly know fake news when they see it!

Yes, President Elect knows all too well about fake news, and so does “Philly”, the administrator of the REAL Mansfielders Perspective on facebook, Tell it like it is blog, and website used to refute “fake news”. Its great that we … Continue reading

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IF Independent voters vote Trump in rural Ohio, Hillary loses badly!

The numbers DON’T LIE – If 72 counties get out and vote Trump will win! Ohio is a popular vote, WINNER TAKE ALL 18 Electoral. Don’t let the BIG CITY populations that typically vote Democratic steal this one. Losing to … Continue reading

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Best Anti Drew Tyler video ever, GO TRUMP!!!!!

Donald Trump is what this Country needs, Don’t be fooled by the Drew Tyler’s of the World, why? They are not registered here to vote lol!

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