Sunfest never was coming, many of which here agree! I say…BOYCOTT their products!

I will not give the so-called media who’s been covering this the time of day or notice for they are players in the game! Time for local media to get on board or begin to think of what their plans are when they are next for not doing their job investigating these issues (jobs). The more that keeps leaving and the more that people are oppressed, the more you will see erode as who will be left to pay the taxes to support the environment in which will entice job creators to come?

The QUESTIONS people need to start asking is…why are our leaders mostly made up of folks who prosper from these decisions? Have you not noticed how many have their hands in local businesses, etc? Surely if John Kasich gets his way by abolishing the State income Tax we will see the next line of oppression when the taxman comes for your business to support their lavish lifestyles. Sure as the day is long for many who work, those who depend on us will soon have their day, yet will we care? I sure won’t!

Here’s what people are saying, and if you are censored like many others you can speak your peace here. 4 comments have been blocked – hmmm? I hope they come here and “TELL IT LIKE IT IS”

Rich Armstrong

They need to look for collusion between people and companies in this. If the scrap was worth more than the one million, that was a dumb move. There needs to be a manufacturing plant go in there to guarantee decent wage jobs, not some minimum wage place. Mansfield has some very talented workers that a company could make good use of.
Doug May · Works at Mansfield Fire Department

I predicted this to happen when I heard that all the geniuses in Ontario government said what a good deal for Ontario and Richland Count this would be. You just allowed a multi billion dollar facility to be torn down for scrap. That asset is gone, never to be replaced. Now all you have is no tenant, no prospects for a new tenant and a big concrete pad you cant even use for a parking lot. The citizens of Ontario unite and do what the Browns did here just a few days ago and clean house, starting with Mr. Weidemyre. Just another Westinghouse deal all over. How much did Weidemyre put into his pocket to allow this to happen, you’ll never know.

William Trent Pancoast · Top Commenter · Writer/editor/die maker at Many and various

A fracking injection well will end up there if Ontario council does not act now.
Mary Merritt Atherton · Top Commenter

Anthony Ginter

Another one of ontarios grand schemes circling the drain. Millions of dollars in scrap to the company, and a couple of million to the “city.” Somebody is making out…unfortunately its not the good taxpaying citizens of ontario.
William Trent Pancoast · Top Commenter · Writer/editor/die maker at Many and various

The liars and thieves win again.
Lynn Brinley · Top Commenter · Works at Owner/operator For Pet’s Sake all breed pet grooming since 1986

We all sound so jaded, but when they first announced this I thought that this was a scheme to get the salvage rights. They knew there was millions of dollars sitting there and all they had to pay Ontario was 1 million for the rights and a lie or two. It has been said that every semi that left that site was carrying $500,000.00 worth of scrap. I saw quite a few semis leave and I don’t even live in Ontario. Desperate times I guess.
Fran Kinnane · Top Commenter

I would not be surprised to discover that some of the discussions held were of the concern of getting stuck with another Westinghouse situation, which took decades to get torn down and is also in the process of cleaning up. There is no reason to convert more perfectly good clean farmland into another contaminated former industrial sight that no one wants or knows what to do with when the former occupant leaves town.
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